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How Online Office Administration Courses Help Gain Essential Administrative Skills

Every business or corporation has a set of employees or a group of people who control various activities carried out within the environment. Almost every organisation has an office where administrative tasks and activities take place. As a result, office administration and employees who carry out administrative tasks are essential for any business.


The typical definition of administration is the proper execution of tasks and activities in an office. For instance, a person who must apply for leave must go through an entire procedure, or an employee who has a payroll issue must meet with human resources. Another example is the CEO of the organisation requires private information requests from the secretary to obtain it. This is where the office administration staff join the action. They handle all the above tasks as well as other similar responsibilities.

In addition, Office administration includes various day-to-day tasks such as financial planning, personnel records maintenance, payroll processing, record-keeping, file maintenance, billing, data distribution, and logistics.

Importance of Administration in An Organisation

Advanced Diploma in Office Administration Multi Skills

Effective office management and administration is critical to any company’s success. The benefits of efficient office administration include increased productivity, employee happiness, and perfect task management. It also considers and improves the office’s physical environment, such as lighting, seats, space, and orderliness.

Some of the benefits of effective office management include:

  • Making the optimum use of resources in an organisation.
  • Managing and incorporating new changes efficiently.
  • Controls the costs of an organisation.
  • Effectively managing public relations within the organisation.
  • Provides direction and leadership to all other employees.
  • Helps to achieve company targets in a timely fashion.

Skills Required to be Successful in Office Administration

1. Excellent Communication Skills

The office administration role necessitates strong communication skills because it demands a person to collaborate with diverse departments of the business and external clients. Therefore, good office admin staff are good listeners and communicators.

These people know exactly what to say depending on the situation and when to say it. Therefore, their communication must be outstanding, and they have a reputation for maintaining strong communication.

2. Over The Top Organisational Skills

This skill is refined and strengthened in the workplace. Because the individual is responsible for most of the department’s tasks, they must be focused and aware of the vital projects. Therefore, this aspect of the job necessitates the management of time, the management of team members, prioritising goals, and information organisation. Moreover, Improvement of organisational skills can lead to successful job advancement.

3. Speed and Efficiency

Administrative activities require having the correct information at the right time. Therefore, speed and efficiency are must-have skills of an admin.

4. Work Independently Without Supervision

Certain departmental operations need the participation of teams, and certain products cannot be developed without the involvement of several people. On the other hand, administrative personnel usually handle duties on their own and manage to complete them independently. Most tasks they perform require them to work without supervision and, over time, to learn to work autonomously. 

5. Ability to Multitask

The administrative roles, as the name implies, entail a lot of responsibilities. But, aside from that, because they are coordinating between each department, they’ll be assisting one section while another section puts forward a request.

Filing documents, providing administrative support, arranging travel, answering phones, entering data, sorting mail, sending communications, organising events and meetings, managing appointments are just some of their responsibilities. Therefore, multitasking is essential in an administrative job role.

How Online Office Administration Courses Can Help to Refine These Skills

QLS Diploma in Organizational Administration Level 3

1. You can learn how to prioritise and manage multiple tasks.

In online office administration courses, you learn to understand and identify the link between planning and task accomplishment. You are taught how to define task objectives the obstacles more clearly. In addition, you get guidance on making the office more user-friendly so that you can achieve your daily tasks faster. Finally, you can learn how to improve the task outcomes when working together or working independently.

2. You will learn how to think like a manager.

When you are in an administrative role, you manage several projects. Therefore, it is essential to think like a manager. The course will help you efficiently plan, problem solve and make decisions. Moreover, you will understand how to streamline the office activities to complete daily targets.

3. You will learn how to communicate effectively and build professional relationships

An office administration course can train you to handle internal and external customer service effectively. Therefore, you understand how to communicate with customers professionally. Moreover, they take you through case studies of communication mistakes and teach you how to avoid those situations.

4. You can learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings and work with confidence.

It’s a part of the office admin training courses to go over the psychological aspects of the role. Most will discuss how to utilise the power of your mind to work efficiently in a competitive work atmosphere.

5. They teach you valuable interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Interpersonal skills enable you to interact and work with others, whereas intrapersonal skills enable you to identify your strengths and shortcomings. Moreover, both are skills that are essential for personal development, goal-setting, and achievement, and overall success in both your professional and personal life. Quality office administration courses know how vital these skills are for an individual. Therefore, they go over topics that help develop these skills in detail.

Enrolling in an office administration course will open several doors in the admin career path for you to pursue various jobs. In addition, office administration is a position that is required in a range of companies and will continue to be in demand in the future.

If you plan to take up a career in office administration, 1Training offers some of the best online office administration courses in UK. Also, if you are already in an office administration job role, we offer several courses for professional development. So, get in touch with our friendly representatives to explore the best office administration course option for you.

June 22, 2022

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