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The most in-demand jobs in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. However, some jobs are more sought after than the rest. In this article, we discuss one of the most in-demand jobs out there – Nursing assistant. Working as a certified nursing assistant can propel you towards a rewarding career, especially in developed countries in Europe, the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand with rapidly ageing populations.

Who is a nursing assistant?

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) takes care of patients on a daily basis by providing basic care. While most CNAs work in nursing homes, some offer home care services or work in hospitals. In most cases, the CNA will work under the supervision of a registered nurse. To qualify as a certified nursing assistant, you would need to follow a Diploma in Nursing Assistant Course. In addition, to obtain the required educational qualifications, you would also need to strengthen certain skills, mannerisms and work ethics to become a successful certified nursing assistant. Some of these traits include patience, compassion as well as physical stamina.

What kind of qualifications and training do nursing assistants need?

The requirements for nursing assistants vary depending on the country. The stepping stone however could be a Diploma in nursing care. Some countries and states refer to nursing assistants as Certified Nursing Assistants, which require this type of entry-level diploma. Once you obtain that qualification and start looking for work, you might have to sit for an entrance exam depending on the country or state. However, once you obtain the knowledge during your diploma, this would not be difficult. If you are interested in becoming a nursing assistant, check out the Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant Admission 2022 as well as Diploma in Nursing Assistant Course fees to get started.

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What does a certified nursing assistant do?

A CNA generally helps patients with daily living and takes care of them. As a certified nursing assistant, your job role would include a variety of duties. These duties may include checking the patient’s vital signs, helping them to bathe and get dressed, and even assisting during meal times. A nursing assistant is typically the primary contact of the patient and acts as the main caregiver. Some institutes might ask you to take on more responsibilities such as the administration of medicine. A CNA elevates the quality of life of most in-care patients and senior citizens. If you have the right temperament for caring for those in need, you can have a rewarding career. As we mentioned before, you can get started as a CNA in most developed countries after following a Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant course.

How much can a certified nursing assistant earn?

If you become a nursing assistant in the USA, you can earn approximately USD30,290 per year according to the statistics provided by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). The same organisation predicts that the demand for CNAs will rise by nine per cent soon, parallel to the ageing population. In the United Kingdom, the average salary per year of a CNA is about GBP23,589. The outlook for nursing care assistants is positive in both countries.  In addition, some countries offer opportunities for nursing assistants to care for the elderly in their private homes. This type of work could include over-average compensation. Given the rapidly ageing population of baby boomers who would need care, the earning potential of certified nursing assistants appears to be encouraging.

What are the skills and qualities needed to become a nursing assistant?

While the demand for nursing care assistants is on the rise, the actual duties can be demanding. Let’s take a look at the skills you would need to be a successfully certified nursing assistant. You would need to be attuned to patients’ needs, especially if you work in a hospital setting. You will need a good head on your shoulders in a medical emergency along with a caring bedside manner. Empathy is a vital trait of a CNA as you will be caring for people who are vulnerable and in need of constant care as well as reassurance. Dependability is another desirable character trait in a nursing assistant. A successful nursing care assistant should also possess time management and organisational skills.

You should also sharpen your critical thinking skills to turn to in an emergency as a CNA and refine your observation skills to be attuned to your patients.  

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What kind of work schedule do nursing assistants follow?

While most nursing assistants work full-time, some opt to work part-time due to family obligations or simply because they wish to do so. Work shifts of nursing assistants can involve nighttime, weekends and holidays. While this may sound tough, there are opportunities in hospitals as well as home care, which offer more flexibility.

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