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5 Essential Leadership Skills that will Set You Up for Success in the Workplace

Are you looking into leadership skill courses to improve your leadership qualities? We have compiled a list of five leadership skills from the best leadership skills training programs out there. So, read on to find out the essential leadership skills that will give you a better edge in your workplace.

It has been found in a study that forty per cent of UK workers are not satisfied with the condition of leadership at their workplaces. Therefore many employers are in search of candidates who possess quality leadership skills to join their workforce. Because outstanding leadership is in high demand, developing your leadership qualities can provide you with a competitive advantage. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be in the C-suite to be a leader. Your leadership tactics can shine at any level in an organisation.

The Importance of Leadership Skills Training

Strong leaders contribute to improved overall organisational performance, including customer happiness, organisational performance, profits, and quality of products. In addition, retention of employees, performance, active involvement, and morale all benefit from effective leadership. Therefore, leadership development training can benefit anyone in their career and contribute to the success of the overall business.

Each month many individuals reach the retirement age leading to more leadership roles that require to be filled by novel and inexperienced talent. Therefore due to this large leadership gap, job applicants are expected to demonstrate strong leadership abilities in addition to the job- and industry-specific competencies.

So, let’s take a look at the five essential leadership skills that will set you apart from the rest.

1. Self Improvement

Today’s organisations are incredibly fast-paced. Therefore by setting aside at least half an hour a week for self-improvement can make a world of difference. This small chunk of time could be used to learn something new or make plans for the week ahead.

This might include looking for fast learning opportunities, such as internet videos or brief online leadership training courses. Also, it could be learning how to work with problematic people, have a serious talk, or encourage a difficult person. Learning should never be a one-time thing; it should be an ongoing process.

Another example of self-improvement is setting aside time each week to prioritise what you want to do next week. It allows you to be more focused. Furthermore, this is one skill you will learn in all practical leadership skill courses.

2. Team Building

The growth of your team members is just as essential as your personal development. If you look at some of the most successful managers of the present day, they embrace a leadership style that emphasises building professional partnerships with employees.

Leaders value working together as a team. Moreover, they encourage the team members to be more self-directed and collaborate to achieve set targets.

Furthermore, retaining talent is more crucial than ever, with the number of people changing jobs continuing to rise. Therefore, leaders should have a one on one with their employees every 3-4 months. They use this time to discuss their goals, aspirations, and interests and then coordinate to create a strategy with resources to get there.

3. Thinking and Acting Strategically

If you study most of the great leaders, you will notice one thing in common, strategic thinking. Businesses of the modern-day must be versatile and adaptable to transformation. Therefore successful leaders practice their strategic thinking game at the next level. Also, in terms of effectiveness, a strategic leadership style is ten times more efficient than other approaches such as communication and hands-on operational behaviours.

Moreover, leaders must consider the best path to achieving outcomes that surpass the expectations of those they serve. Creating a vision and being clear about what that means and everyone’s involvement in attaining that vision are two ways to go about it.

4. Ethical Behaviour and Diplomacy 

A leader is responsible for setting a standard for the entire team. Therefore, the things you say, do and permit become a part of your team’s culture. Your team will pick up on your work ethics, behaviour, diplomacy and doing the right thing.  Therefore, a team tends to value what the leader values.

Organisations frequently mandate ethics and civic-mindedness through written policies and standards, which leaders should study and refer to regularly. Unfortunately, many leaders are aware of these practices but only use them when they are in a crisis. Instead, leaders should get familiar with the policies and protocols so that they are well equipped in the event of an ethics issue.

However, a majority of leaders do not take ethics as seriously as they should. They can avoid mishaps when something drastic occurs instead of getting caught up in the whirlwind. Therefore, Leaders should keep ethics at the forefront of their minds so that they can deal with it promptly and effectively when an issue arises.

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5. Innovative Thinking

For organisations to be economical in today’s world, innovation is mandatory—and innovation begins with the organisation’s leader. Innovation allows leaders to attempt new techniques, which can be the game changers that will set the organisation above the competition.

Leaders must create a safe environment in which employees are ready to try new things, fail, and learn from their mistakes. Therefore scheduling time each week to attempt something new can lead to major changes within the business.

Learning and leadership are strongly intertwined. The most outstanding leaders are constantly learning and finding out how to fill in the gaps and improve the most valuable talents.

Best Leadership Skills Training with 1Training

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your existing abilities in the above areas. Most people learn these skills and improve them over time.  1Training offers highly recognised leadership skill courses that would set you up to be a successful leader. You can through our online leadership course catalogue and pick and choose the course that will be ideal for refining your leadership skills.

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills further and advancing your career? Check out our article on Coaching Your Team through Uncertain Times.

June 22, 2022

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