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Why Should You Choose Opera PMS Training?

Opera PMS is a software that has become increasingly popular among hotels all over the world. It is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or even a chain of hotels. The best feature perhaps, is that it provides you with all the tools needed for the reception or the front office, so that you as a receptionist or a front office manager can perform your duties accurately and efficiently. If you are a hotel owner, you will benefit from this software when it doubles your staff’s productivity!

What Can Opera PMS Do?

In a nutshell, this system will allow you to handle reservations, check guests in and out of the hotel, assign rooms and even manage room inventory. It will give you the chance to accommodate almost instantly, the needs of your in-house guests. You will also be able to handle accounting and billing with greater speed and accuracy. It is also a very flexible software that is configurable to each property’s special requirements and property management needs. Knowing how to operate this software effectively will pretty much cut your work load in half.

In addition to this OPERA can also carry out the following functions;

  • Creating profiles for guests to ensure that they enjoy the best possible experience. This will allow you to add pictures of guests to their profiles and bookings. This way you have the best chance of giving them a personalized experience from the moment they walk in to check in.
  • It lets you track likes and dislikes and hotels that belong to one chain will be able to connect to their OPERA systems to make sure that every hotel has the access to the guest profile. This enabled consistency in service across hotels.
  • Makes other hotel operations easier and efficient. For example, this software can be used to control systems remotely like the minibar, telephone or the TV. If a guest uses something from their minibar, OPERA will automatically add it to their bill and will also send a message to the hotel staff so they can replace it.

There is no doubt that there are other systems that are following OPERA but in terms of functionality and popularity, this still remains on top as the Most Used Hotel Software across the globe.

Who Should be Learning About Opera PMS?

You can actually learn this no matter what background you have, but it might be especially useful to professionals who;

  • Individuals who are working in the hotel sector and want to upskill so that they may gain career growth.
  • Employees in a hotel that recently decided to adopt OPERA PMS and need to improve their proficiency with it.
  • Employees in a hotel, where the hotel requires that they self-study or gain a qualification in OPERA as the hotel does not have the capacity to train them on-site.
  • You want to enter the hotel industry and want to make sure that you have an advantage over your competition.

How Can You Learn About OPERA or Perhaps, Teach Your Team About it?

Getting into an OPERA PMS training course is a huge advantage for your career and if you are a hotel owner, it is highly beneficial for your business. 1Training is a pioneering online education provider in London, offering you a wide range of industry recognised qualifications in OPERA including an OPERA PMS free online training option as well.

Browse through our courses and select the one that OPERA receptionist courses that would be the most beneficial to you and your business.

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March 29, 2022

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