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The importance of effective communication in project management

Effective communication is the linchpin of successful project management. The core aspects of communication in project management involve the back-and-forth flow of ideas and information between team members. It is up to the project leader to facilitate this and ensure that each team member understands project goals and expectations. Let’s look at practical tools and techniques for effective communication within project management teams.

Why is effective communication in project management important?

Project teams often consist of diverse team members. Each member brings a different skill set and personality to the table. Hence, it is important to understand these differences and bring about harmony. Globally accepted approaches such as PRINCE2 practitioner and foundation Certification allow project team leaders to obtain the necessary skills to achieve this desirable status quo. Project managers/leaders need to make communication a priority. You can follow a PRINCE2 practitioner course to discover vital tools for successful communication.

What are the best modes of effective communication?

In today’s digitally connected world, there are several communication tools that project teams can use. However, the more important question is whether you choose the most suitable modes of communication or not. This is one of those make-or-break situations, where true discernment is integral. You need to pick communication tools based on the specific characteristics of your team and the nature of the work involved.

Effective communication in project management – plan for the project

As any PRINCE2 registered practitioner worth their salt would say, a good plan lays a solid foundation for robust communication. You could come up with a plan that maps out each stage of the project to assemble the team wisely. This roadmap will help you communicate well in future communication.

Effective communication in project management – establish a communication method

Once you put a plan in place and assemble your team, you need to initiate a primary tool of communication. You can use more than one mode of communication, but it is a good idea to make sure that these tools are not overwhelming or too time-consuming. The PRINCE2® Training Certification provides insights into choosing the best modes of communication to suit your team. For example, emails may not be the best tool for a specific team, while a group chat would provide better results.

The importance of effective communication in project management

Effective communication in project management – share project goals

Clear communication of project goals with the team is essential to achieve the desired objectives. This way, each team member will know their role and responsibilities. When you share responsibilities, try to provide team members with the opportunity to voice their views. This will go a long way in ensuring the high quality of their work.

Effective communication in project management – listen to the team

Listening is half the battle in effective communication. A great leader is always a good listener. Make it a point to actively listen to team members. Ask them to share their thoughts and evolving ideas. You could include a specific time about once a week to allow team members to share viewpoints and voice concerns. Respectful listening makes people feel that their ideas matter and that they are valued for their contribution. When you show this kind of respect, people tend to put forth their best efforts. Respectful listening is a great leadership skill.

Effective communication in project management – consistent updates

As the project continues to progress, ensure that the team remains aware of its status. Update everyone about policy changes, additional objectives, fresh methods and any new developments. Each professional should understand the phases and developments of the project. Consistent updates foster a culture of inclusivity and accountability – two key aspects for the successful culmination of any project.  

The importance of effective communication in project management

Effective communication in project management – monitor team performance

When you monitor each team member’s performance, you will become aware of those who need additional help. Moreover, it will help you understand what you need to communicate, and what type of communication works best for the entire team. For instance, if you become aware that some team members are not working in line with the latest terms of the project, you might want to change gears.

Project management, especially in virtual settings, calls for making communication a priority. Professionals must improve their communication skills to usher the project to a successful conclusion. Good communication skills may incorporate asking questions when in doubt, sharing ideas, and being unafraid to voice concerns. This type of culture needs to be nurtured, and it is up to the project leader to do so. You can find plenty of resources to create a robust culture of communication by following the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner online course and taking the PRINCE2 foundation practice exam.

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