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Dog Training: How to Become A Dog Trainer in 2022?

Do what you love, while you earn!

If you do what you love, you are sure to succeed, they say! So, if you are passionate about animals and love to be with them, especially with dogs, why don’t you take the chance to become a dog trainer? Not every job has the superpower to make you feel happy while also giving you substantial earning potential but becoming a dog trainer will surely help you achieve this status.

Wondering how to become a dog trainer with relevant experience and qualifications? Then keep reading…

But first learn why a career as a dog trainer is in-demand in today’s world.

  • A variety of specialisation paths

Did you know that there are several specialisation routes available for a dog trainer? You can choose what you prefer out of many from hunting dog training, tracking, service dog training, dog show training to behavioural dog training. All these specialisation routes are equally amazing, and you are sure to love them all!

  • You don’t need an academic degree

Well, not all jobs require you to have BScs, MScs, and PHDs in order to succeed! If you want to become a dog trainer and succeed in your career path, you may do so without a degree. All you have to get is a dog trainer training. This will expose you to first-hand experiences and indeed, can take you a long way. Some dog trainer training programmes specialise in specific breeds, you may enrol with them if you too want to go along a specialised path.

  • It’s not at all boring

Have you seen employees most often complain about what they do at their workplaces? That’s simply because they don’t enjoy their job, and ultimately, they get bored of the job! But guess what? Dog trainers have no chance to get bored of what they do because it’s such an interesting field. Getting to know different kinds of dogs and owners is quite fun!

  • The flexibility of this career is great

Dog trainers enjoy flexible work schedules. This helps you achieve a great work-life balance, and yes, everyone needs this fortune although they hardly get it with the jobs that they choose. If you have a full-time job, you may also consider becoming a part-time dog trainer which means extra income for you. You may choose to render your service on weekends or evenings – at your convenience.

So, you see… becoming a dog trainer has many advantages. But do you know exactly what dog trainers are responsible for doing? Yes, we mean their job role!

  • Dog trainers train the dogs as per the requirement of the owners. For this, he/she will have to listen to the owners well.
  • Promoting good behaviour is also a duty of the dog trainer. For this, the dog trainer has to understand the behaviour and attitudes of the dog before anything.
  • When stubborn dogs come, the dog trainer has to go that extra mile and teach commands and manners to the dogs, while also teaching tips to the dog owner. Patience and observation are key here!

And now… let’s come to the most crucial part of the article. How can you become a dog trainer? It’s not a big deal, but you should know these tips in order to succeed.

Let’s get started!

1)      Research, research, and research!

Make a little commitment. Read articles, research papers, magazines and watch educational videos about dog psychology and dog behavioural patterns. Everything can be easily accessed in cyberspace today and you may gain a lot of knowledge by reading these.

Here are two of the most reputed books about dog behaviour,

  • The Thinking Dog (Gail Fisher)
  • How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves (Sophia Yin)

Not just books, you may also use your dog as a study material. Just observe its behaviour and take regular notes on them. You may discover some amazing facts by doing so.

cuddling a dog

2)      Follow a course

Are you aware of dog training courses in your area? By taking a course, you can gain the necessary knowledge and even experience. This is a great way to get certified as a dog trainer too. If you find it hard to physically visit the training sessions, now you have the option of attending online courses as well. This will save your time and money too!

3)      Volunteer!

Many dog trainers have started their job roles at local dog shelters. So, why not contact the nearest dog shelter to where you live and ask if they have room for another volunteer? This way, you can work with the dogs and understand their psychological needs as well. Yes, it’s a hands-on experience!

4)      Work with a dog trainer

Since you need to acquire the needed skills and knowledge first, consider finding an apprenticeship. Working with a dog trainer means you have an experienced individual to guide you and they can help clear any doubts.

Note – Don’t expect to earn huge bulks of money during your time as an apprentice. Because they don’t pay much, and sometimes they don’t pay at all. But the experience you get is worth more than money!

5)      Finding work

If you have the right skills, knowledge, and experience, finding work will not be a problem at all. There are many employers out there (including institutions such as the Police and Military units) in search of qualified dog trainers, so you may grab these chances for sure!

Note – no matter how qualified you are, there’s no point if your CV doesn’t reflect your capacity. So, make sure to update your CV with the courses you have followed and the job scopes you have covered.

Once you are confident in your role as a trainer, you can consider opening a dog training business and even create opportunities for beginners. As and when you excel in this line of work, connect with organisations such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK). This will help you be up to date with what’s happening in the field that you’re passionate about!

February 7, 2022

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