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Get the right skills to become a high paid Executive Secretary or PA


If you have been thinking of a dignified career path that can give you a high salary and scope for career growth becoming an Executive Secretary or a PA is your best shot. But to actually get paid well and to succeed in this extremely competitive field, you need to have the latest and the right skills. So if you want to set off on this career path, here are some great tips on getting the skills you need, so your journey becomes a little easier.

Start early

The competition in this field is high so your best bet would be to not waste any time and get started early. This way, you will have the ability to cover all your educational and professional qualifications and enjoy a long and robust career. There is no issue in starting later either. In fact you will find many PAs and Executive Secretaries who started their career rather late and still did well for themselves. So don’t think of age or time as a hurdle but try and get started as soon as you can.


Get the right education

One of the most important things that you should have is the right education. Without the right qualifications, the chances of negotiating for a high pay may be not very realistic. Especially nowadays, where almost every candidate is qualified, you should focus on getting the right qualifications so that you have the chance of reaching higher in your career. Look for accredited Secretarial and PA training programmes that can give you value for your career.


Practice good people skills

Whether you are a PA or an Executive Secretary you need to have two things. Good Office skills because you will be using almost every day for everything and great people skills because you are bound to be workingbuy valium online 10 mg with different people every day. Starting with your boss to fellow employees to third parties you are going to be coordinating and working with a lot of people. Make sure that you practice good communication and work ethics always.

Be organised in everyday life

Organisation is something that that has to be there in you. Even in an Executive Secretary/PA Course you will be taught prioritisation and organisation skills. Work systematically and methodically. Learn how to develop filing systems and how you can maintain records well. Always learn to have back up options and be as neat and orderly as possible in everyday life. This will help you be organised in the workplace as well.


Work on your speech and writing

You should learn about effectively speaking to others to communicate important information and you should also practice good writing. The more that you practice, the better it will be. You will be directly writing to a lot of people and you will also be mingling with the higher management of your own company and of others.

Update skills regularly

You should also make sure that you update your skills regularly. For example project management for a PA is very important now, whereas about five years ago, that would not have been the case. Even though you may have fulfilled all the main qualifications that you require for the career, keep updating yourself with accredited short term courses. Even online programmes are a great idea.


If you are interested in gaining the right skills for a high paid career options, our accredited programmes are a great options for you. They are industry recognised, taught by expert tutors and also are doable from home at your own pace and time. If you want more information on our programmes, contact us on





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