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A certificate is not just a piece of paper, it represents all the hard work you have put in, and is the key to your new future. If you are pursuing a new career, then your certificate is vital! Every new employer will ask to see what qualifications you have, and will usually want to see the certificates you have been awarded, so your 1Training certificate is a very important part of your career. It demonstrates all the new skills you have acquired, the knowledge you’ve developed, and proves how much hard work you’ve done!

* Conditions may apply to send certificates to Western Asian countries. Please contact our customer care agents before placing the order for further inquires.

Every student who successfully completes a 1Training course is entitled to a free e-certificate, which will be emailed straight to you when you pass the final exam. We pride ourselves on offering great value, which is why we offer a free e-certificate to every successful learner, this makes it easier to keep in your personal records and won’t get accidentally mislaid.

In addition to the free e-certificate, you are invited to purchase a printed certificate for a small fee. We encourage all learners to purchase a printed certificate, as it is a nice reminder of how much hard work you’ve put in, and will look amazing framed in your new office! It’s easy to take to interviews, and is complete with our official logo and hologram.

We think it’s very important for all learners to possess both an e-certificate and a printed certificate, so if you order a printed certificate, we’ll give you a £20 voucher to be used on your next 1Training purchase of over £39. So what are you waiting for?

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