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23 reviews for Certificate Fee


    Great course

  2. Kennedy Obijuru Ogbu

    Nice training

  3. Caroline martin

    Great course to refresh

  4. islamshousha

    Good but need contact to send the teacher few questions.

  5. Lynette Huby

    Good overview of skills set and useful Microsoft tutorials

  6. samantha key

    Certificate fee of £30 is excessive.

  7. Daniel Rodrigues Dourado de Oliveira

    Great course!

  8. Jingjing Lin

    Nice Course! It is very useful and important to my future career. Thank you!

  9. Amber Collins

    Unfortunately questions in exam did not cover what was in the course.

  10. Amber Collins

    Very useful

  11. Vasile Radu Prisacaru

    Very useful. Thank you

  12. irene

    I like the course, it was easy and nice.Thank you

  13. Raisa Gaynutdinova

    I took the course of “HR Management & Team Leading” ; it is very useful program who wants to work in HR Dept or just be aware
    of duty of the HR Dept. and honestly – it was unexpected easy to pass the exam. I really like the course and i believe that this certificate will be one more plus in my CV in case of applying for any new position. Thank you 🙂

  14. Cassandra King

    very helpful and i enjoy my traning

  15. Marcia Kwarteng


  16. Timea Csiki (verified owner)

    The Microsoft Office course is very detailed and well explained, I definitely learned a lot. My disappointment is that it’s not advertised that you have to pay extra for the certificate (or if it is it must be well hidden or written in tiny letters as I did not came across it) and that it takes 3-4 weeks to deliver it (which again it’s not mentioned while you do the purchase). Now I can just hope that I will get certificate.

  17. Wendy Wynne (verified owner)

    Excellent course (HR Management & Team Leading) very informative videos and information, although mases of extra reading materials to get through, it gave alot of insight into HR skills which will be very useful. £30 certificate charge was unexpected, but very good value for money.

  18. Alla Wells

    I thought the course I took (Business Analysis) was good, I enjoyed the lectures however I thought it would be good to be able to print the summary of the lectures. There was a course book with 36 lessons in it, I wonder if the lecturer could somehow comment on them in his videos too, so that two parts (video and the text) are connected. Overall was good, easy to understand and memorise, the exam was very easy, the mock test was useful. £30 for Certificate is a surprise.

  19. Sinnaiah Krishna Sudaharan

    Excellent Course for everyone, who wish to work in HR sector, and to concrete their HR Skills and knowledge to develop further. This course has taught me in a very detailed information on gaining the HR Leadership Skills.

  20. Sarah Bott

    Very good courses on the Microsoft suite included in this course.
    Please review the first few questions of the exam as the English is not ideally written.
    For what I paid i am happy.

  21. Jean-Phiness Mulumba

    worth it

  22. Nicola Pateman

    I completed Sage 50 and payroll course. The course is very good international coverage, as you have American terminology eg suppliers is vendors! The mock exam was helpful too.

  23. Cristian Doolan

    Excellent course. The additional course material was very useful. In my case I knew in advance that there was an additional fee for the e-certificate and I’m not complaining. Now I can show in my interviews that I did some form of training in Hotel Receptionist and Opara PMS software which is the very reason I wasn’t offered receptionist jobs before!

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