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How to break into your first HR role?


Are you passionate about becoming a professional in HR? The field of human resources has seen a big increase in importance all around the world, irrespective of industry. With time, people are realising that people themselves are one of the most valuable assets of the company and that managing them efficiently is the best way forward. So if you are looking to get started in an hr career path UK, you are in luck. There are ample job opportunities around. However, you also need to know how you can get hired and with so many qualified human resource professionals, getting hired can be challenging. Here’s what you can do to land your dream job.


Polish the skills that you need to become a HR professional

Straight off the bat, work on honing all the skills that you need to be in this field. Some of these are highly specialised skills while the others are generic. Either way gaining all of these can be vital to proving that you break into your first HR role correctly.

  • Practice active listening. One of the main duties that you will have to fulfill is listening to employee grievances or to your managers. Learn to not respond first, but to listen and then come to a conclusion. This will come in handy


  • Maintain work ethics and integrity. You will be expected to be an individual with a strong sense of integrity and work ethics. You must be unbiased, fair and sound in your decisions.
  • Develop your interpersonal skills. You will be working with either employees, employers or third parties and in all of this, interpersonal skills are at the top of your list. Work on working with other people. There is no HR without people.
  • Professionalism. You might say that this isn’t really a skill, but it totally is. You must nurture the professional in you. A lot of people at work will wait on an opportunity to say “Our HR doesn’t do this, so why should we?” This doesn’t mean that you look at everybody with suspicion; just learn to lead by example.
  • Careful observation skills. When people come to you with their issues or grievances, you need to know what to observe, how to read between the lines and look at all sides of the story. Don’t make a decision that could give you a reputation as somebody who is biased.
  • Effective communication. Because you are the bridge between the management and employees, effective, clear, order soma 500 mg online concise communication is a must. Work on this and take HR trainings if you must.
  • Technology knowledge. Unlike in the past, organisations today use technology to improve efficiency and to also improve accuracy. Be tech savvy. This is another reason why you must invest in your education and stay updated.
  • Organisational and documentation skills. Whether you work online or offline your documentation and organisational skills must be spot on. Pay attention to detail, double check, verify and make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

Get your education right

You must invest in your education if you want a solid hr career path UK. You may not necessarily need to have a university degree in HR, but there are plenty of other methods to get qualified. For example, you could join an accredited online programme that can give you your qualifications in a shorter time, and at a more affordable price along with more flexibility in schedules overall. Think about continuing your education so that you stay updated on the latest additions to your field of work. This is the best way to grow.


Get an internship if you can

We know that it is tempting to immediately jump into a job where you are going solo, but a hr career path UK comes with a lot of challenges and to face that you need real life experience. How can you fulfill this? By getting an internship. If you can learn from an expert at work and shadow them, you will have better insight about the dos and don’ts in your field.


Apply for jobs that you can handle

There are a host of HR jobs that you can apply for, but first look at the level of expertise that they are asking for and see, whether as a beginner, you can match it. If not, you are better off taking a junior position and gradually moving up the ladder as you learn. Don’t chew off more than you can bite in the first go.

How can we help you in your journey? Our HR courses are accredited, up to date and offers flexible learning methods for your convenience. We have expert tutors, interactive content and a host of benefits that will help you gain the best learning experience. So join us now and start learning human resources the right way. You can contact us on for more information.




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