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Course Details

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Course Description

Special Education Needs (SEN) refers to the children with learning disabilities or issues who find it hard to learn compared to the other children of the same age. A career in the SEN field can be ideal for people who love to work with and help kids with learning disabilities. Many children will require special education needs at one stage or another during their academic years. Therefore, a career in the SEN field can be rewarding and progressive. With a diploma in SEN you can get ahold of a prominent job in the SEN field. With the relevant knowledge and experience, you can progress on to become a special education teacher, SEN counselor or a behavioral analyst. Or you can start up a SEN school with this diploma as well. You can consider this diploma as a foundation to study further and achieve a degree in SEN.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn in-depth about special education needs (SEN) and the importance of it to the society.
  • Understand the different ways used by schools to provide provision for special education needs.
  • Gain an understanding of the role of SENCO, the importance of SENCO and how to deal with other agencies.
  • Gain an insight into the common SEN conditions found in mainstream schools and how to provide provisions for the students based on the conditions.
  • Learn about the different behavioral issues of children with special education needs.
  • Gain an insight into inclusive education and the importance of practicing it to support SEN.

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