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Have you ever thought about working with children?


It’s difficult to know what you want to do career-wise, but we want to help. If you’ve ever thought about working with children, we’re bringing you all the information.

What are my career options?

There are many options when it comes to childcare, such as:

  • Childminder / Nanny – Working as a Childminder or Nanny means you’ll be employed by parents, and will care for their children when they are at work. This might involve collecting children from school, preparing their dinner, and generally making sure they are safe and well. This work is very rewarding, and you can work on a freelance basis, or may be asked to live with a family and be involved in caring for children day-to-day.
  • Teacher – Working as a primary school teacher is incredibly rewarding, but also requires a great deal of patience. Obviously, you’ll be dealing with a classroom full of children, so it’s less about one-on-one care, and much more about planning and executing effective lessons. Job security is a big plus, as teachers are in high demand, and can work anywhere in the world.
  • Nursery Nurse – Working with nursery school children is exciting and, as with teaching, you’ll be dealing with larger groups of children. You’ll inspire children, unleash their creativity, and help them realise life lessons, so it’s a highly rewarding and enjoyable job. But, it does require patience and compassion.
  • Educational Psychologist – If you’re interested in human behaviour then educational psychology could be the perfect choice. Educational Psychologists work with schools, parents, social workers, doctors, and will meet with children to discuss the problems they’re having. This requires specialist knowledge so study will be necessary, and once qualified you can expect a rewarding and well-paid career.

How can we help?

We provide a number of courses designed to help you kick start a career in childcare.

Nannying and Childcare Course

This course will teach you all the fundamentals of working with and caring for children. Upon successful completion, you could work as a nanny or childminder, you could become a nursery nurse or could go into social work.

Educational Psychology

This course will help you to understand the cognitive process of learning, become an expert of behavioural therapy and get to grips with behavioural disorders. You could go on to further study, or could work as an Educational Psychologist.

Mastering Public Speaking and Communication

If you’re a teacher or nursery nurse, you’ll need excellent communication skills, so this course could help you to master this, which will enhance your career.

What does it take to work with children?

Working with children definitely requires patience, compassion and love for children. In addition, you’ll need to be enthusiastic, especially if you want to work as a nursery nurse or teacher, as you’ll need to motivate children. Excellent communication skills are also essential!


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