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10 Strategies for Effective Human Resource Management


People are the most important component of any business.

Whether they are customers or employees, people sell and buy products and services and people are responsible for producing them too. Therefore effective Human Resource Management is by far, one of the biggest contributors to an efficient, productive and positive workplace.

In fact these are some of the top six reasons why employees quit their jobs most commonly and in all of these, human resource management done right, can really save the day. So if you are an entrepreneur, an HR professional or somebody thinking about how to reduce that labour turnover, here are 10 strategies for effective HR management that can help you out.




Communicate Don’t Command

Barking orders at your employees and team will only get you disgruntled and demotivated teams that don’t want to perform at their best because they genuinely have no reason to do so. All they come in for is they pay and they will do the work that is required to get them that.

Want Employees or A Team That Takes Ownership?

Communicate with them. Praise them publicly for the good work that they have done and solve any issues in private so that they do not feel singled out or uncomfortable. Have empathy and compassion towards your team and observe the best method of communication for them. While some employees may require a firm and professional approach others will respond to a more informal and softer approach. To understand these, especially as an entrepreneur or an HR professional get a sound introduction to human resource concepts that can help you communicate effectively with each team member on a productive level.

Here are some great tips on how you can manage effective communication in the workplace.




Relationships Are Your Foundation to Great HR

Any true leader knows the value of relationships with their team. It is the same for an HR professional too. If you don’t know your team, how can you ask them to help propel your business forward?

Employees who feel that their bosses genuinely take good care of them and treat them as individuals with trust, respect and support tend to perform better and work with initiative. If they feel like they are just another face in the crowd, they will have no real relationship with you that gives them incentive to perform. Some of the main components of good relationships at work include;

  • Trust
  • Mutual respect
  • Mindfulness
  • Equality and openness to diversity
  • Effective and open communication

If you want to know why good working relationships are important and how you can build them, this blog will be of help to you.




Let Them Spread Their Wings

Great HR revolves around letting employees reach their full potential. When employees are offered opportunities to learn and grow their level of creativity, skill and independence will be broadened. If you want to help your business grow, educate yourself first about effective HR administration and then facilitate your team to learn and develop continuously. These trainings should ideally be scheduled within working hours ideally so that employees can take part conveniently.

Want to plan a staff training? Here are some helpful pointers to get you started.


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Nurture Teamwork

Insecurity and intimidation in the workplace doesn’t produce great results.

Your teams should be encouraged to communicate openly with team members and share ideas. Introduce the concept of brainstorming and give them team incentives that motivate them to open up and work together. A few heads are definitely better than one and this greatly improves the level of creativity and efficiency in a business too.

Not feeling like your team is working together enough? Try these steps to create an environment that fosters teamwork.


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Identify, Appreciate, Reward

Let’s walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes. If you put your heart and soul into something and it was not appreciated despite it being good work and being approved very officially, would you really put that much effort into your work again?

The straight forward answer is no.

Identify employees that work hard and work well, appreciate their efforts openly so that they feel recognised and then reward them with the right incentives to keep their enthusiasm going. A good way to pick up how you can identify, appreciate and reward your employees would be to join a strategic human resource management course that can give you the skills and knowledge you need for this. Know your facts first and then apply them into real work situations.



Only Human Always

You are human and so is your team. So what do humans do a lot of the time?

They Make Genuine Human Mistakes.

And that’s completely fine until you try to push your mistake on somebody else and tell them that they did it. That will get you anger, demotivation, frustration, lack of respect and trust from your employees and it just places the perfect cherry on the cake for a negative workplace. Accept your mistakes and set the example for employees to do the same. Apologising never made a true leader look any smaller.


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Stay on Top of Your Administrative HR Duties

While these may not be super interesting and for the most part will include updating, collecting and analysing data, these are some of the crucial tasks that need to be completed on time to ensure that everything has been planned so that your employees will not need to be inconvenienced. Good administrative human resource management will also allow you to maintain up to date employee records, payment details and other sensitive data.


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Confrontation is Not Always Bad

When people work together disputes arise. Performance reduction can happen or somebody could break a rule unintentionally. Whichever situation it is, confront it professionally, give the employee respect and listen to what they have to say. Then draw your conclusion and solve the matter in a way where it is fair for all parties involved. Don’t let rumours make their rounds in the workplace due to inaction.

It’s not always easy to tackle these issues. Learn how to deal with grievances effectively and enjoy a positive workplace.




Hire Correctly

Your recruitment strategy should be spot on.

There is no other way to put it. Provide the correct job descriptions, shortlist the right candidates, have a thorough interviewing process and hire quickly but correctly. Make sure that you choose employees who have the skills and the background in the subject matter while also being able to thrive in your workplace.


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Be Transparent

Be transparent and implement a working culture that is transparent too.

When employees know that the rule is the rule for everybody it boost innovation and motivation. When you are able to communicate with them freely, it builds trust and enhances the overall productivity of the business.

Remember that human resource management today, is considered one of the key processes that impact business growth. It is the ultimate tool to let people be the best version of them, including yourself.


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