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A skill for life with accounting courses


Bookkeeping and accounting may not be the most glamorous subjects to study, but they provide the most helpful skills you can have if you plan to start your own business – whatever field you choose to work in. An accounting qualification will also make you a valuable asset to just about any company: after all, every business needs to keep the books in order. Accounting is the ideal subject for distance learning courses, as practical activities are usually undertaken using computer software anyway. It is also something you can undertake with no previous knowledge of the subject; all you need is a general understanding of mathematics and a willingness to learn..

With a qualification in bookkeeping, you can take jobs in accounting or in HR and payroll departments, and it is also a useful skill to bring to management positions. Alternatively, you could set up your own business from home doing something you love, and have the confidence to keep the accounts balanced and make the enterprise profitable. You could even use your professional knowledge to provide bookkeeping services for other local companies and sole traders. A good accountant knows how to get the most from any budget and give a company the best chance of success. With the right training, you could be the person delivering this service to others – and ensuring your own profits grow in the meantime!

From our Diploma in Small Business Accounting to our Sage and QuickBooks tuition, we have courses that teach you how to use the leading software and to effectively manage things like taxation, VAT and financial planning. While automated technology now makes account keeping easier, there will always be a need for qualified accountants to use and co-ordinate it. These online training courses can set you up with a valuable professional certificate in a field that will never lose relevance, and make you a desirable candidate in the employment market. To find out more, check out our range of courses today. You can enrol online and receive course materials and lessons direct to your inbox, and open up a new career path for yourself.


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