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How can you use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Web Development?


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are one of the most important programming languages on the client side for the web development requiring the series of instructions, which have to be followed on each of the web pages in the browser. HTML and CSS depict the style content and page structure; however, JavaScript is the technical programming language which mandates the know-how of basics of HTML and CSS.  Moreover, the basic structure of sites is being represented by HTML; however, layout, formatting, and presentation of sites are controlled by CSS and finally, the elements behavior are duly controlled by the application of JavaScript.




First, HTML stands for “Hyper Text Markup language”; it is the core language for the web development irrespective of the site complexity. It is the easiest and pioneer language facilitating in creating the content of the website. Furthermore, the identification of content takes place through tagging rather than employing the programming language for executing the multiple functions. The different types of content on the web page can be labeled using HTML tags naming as images tags, header tags and etc. In the web development, each page contains numerous tags wrapping related content. For instance, <p> is being used for opening paragraph; however, </p> is used for closing paragraph respectively.


Second, CSS help in giving style to the websites via slick coloring, alluring fonts, and enchanting background images correspondingly. It helps in adapting the websites according to the types of device and sizes of the screen. Further to this, different properties are being assigned to HTML buy ativan online pharmacy elements reflecting single to multiple tags and documents. Also, it enables in removing all formatting from HTML documents and storing in separate CSS files. Since CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets” and each style sheet indicates the document. It has been further noted that every website browser possesses the default style sheet; however, if the designer would not have applied any default font style, then the visited web page would be visualized according to the user’s browsing defaulted font style. Contrary to this, the user’s defaulted style sheet would be overridden by the browsing website custom CSS.


Last, JavaScript is the most complicated language as compared to the HTML and CSS, which is used on web development supported by all browsers substantially. It is the JavaScript which enables the developers in designing the interactive sites. Addition to this, it facilitates the browsing defaulted control and behavior. In the JavaScript coding, “If…else..” statement is used conveying the system to proceed further on the action of a user clicking “Yes“; however, a different dialogue box would appear if the user clicks “No” respectively. Also, the popping up of multiple dialogue boxes on different websites is the result of JavaScript programming. Most of the browser use JavaScript, which supports object-oriented and procedural programming respectively. Mobile apps, server-side programs, and browser client side helps in controlling the pages of the web respectively. Hence, it is well-known fact that although coding is tricky yet once the basic of programming is learned, the advanced can be learned conveniently.


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