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Get your dream job today: Tips to successful interview


Securing a job in the current competitive market is not easy. The dreaded job hunt has become uncertain and difficult, so we want to help you prepare. It’s very important to know how to look for a job, and to understand interviews. It is crucial to research the interview, so you can go into it with confidence. So, we’ve listed our top interview tips below.

1. Carry out a research
Before the interview, it is important to familiarise yourself with the institution you want to work for. Be aware of the various goods and services that the institution might be offering. Find out about the codes of conduct or the company’s culture. The more you acquaint yourself with the company’s operations, the better you’ll come across. If you have done some research, the interviewer will really appreciate it, they know you’ve prepared, that you’re interested in the company, and that you’re forward thinking.

2. Mind your grooming
The way you dress says a lot about you. Whether in a casual or a professional interview, dressing well gives the confidence you require during an interview. Make sure what you’re wearing is suitable for the type of interview you’re attending. If it’s a formal interview, dress in formal wear. If it’s an informal chat in a coffee shop, go for business casual. Whatever you do decide to wear, make sure it’s clean and ironed, if you look messy the interviewer won’t be impressed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to be comfortable. If you feel you’ll be uncomfortable in very formal attire, then go for a more smart-casual look. If you’re uncomfortable it will read all over your face, and will distract you, and affect your performance.

3. Keep time
It is obviously very important to be on time for an interview. If you are going to be late and its unavoidable, order soma generic make sure you phone the interviewer to let them know, as they will appreciate it.

4. Be ready
You should have copies of your resume or references in case they will be needed. If the interviewer has asked you to bring identification, or any other materials, make sure you have them with you.

5. Be attentive and talk less
Pay attention by listening more than talking. Only answer the questions you are asked with minimum descriptions. It will enable you no to miss some important details that your to-be employer may say to you. Such guidelines are important whether you get the job or not.

6. Ask questions
Asking questions demonstrate your interest in taking the job and how serious you are about it. The questions you ask will also give you the opportunity to know the company more and whether it is the best place for you. Have a question prepared before the interview, so you’re not floundering when they ask you.

7. Do not look desperate
It is good to show interest in the job offer but the use of expressions that may denote your desperate need for the job may not be a good impression to the employer. It may even lower your confidence.

8. Study about interview skills and CV writing online
1Training offers courses in CV writing and interview skills among other courses that will greatly help in improving your employability. Taking these courses prior to the interviews will equip you with up to date skills that paramount for everyone looking for a job. You can find these courses here:

Top CV Writing and Interview Secrets
Top CV Writing and Interview Secrets
Effective CV Writing Tips and Templates
Effective CV Writing Tips and Templates
Interview Skills – Secrets and Tips
Interview Skills– Secrets and Tips


 JUNE 19, 2017
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