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How to become an inspirational leader

You believe that you are a leader.

But are you an inspirational leader?

Just because your job title allows you to lead a team, it hardly makes you inspirational. But your ability to drive people to achieve their maximum level of performance and success and to also demonstrate qualities that are inspiring and that employees will follow willingly such as passion, purpose, listening and providing meaning to their role.

Many senior leaders expect employees to follow them because of their title, their company ownership, or their place in the organisation’s hierarchy, and many employees do follow a leader for these reasons. But that doesn’t mean the leader inspires their best work, support, and contribution. So how can you become an inspirational leader? Here are some qualities that you can nurture in yourself to begin with.


Inspiring others through actions

An inspirational leader does not just tell employees they are deeply committed to their customer’s experience. The leader must demonstrate this commitment and passion in every meeting, presentation, and in how they handle customer problems. The leader’s behaviour must inspire employees to act in the same way. This way you will also be involved in the leadership development of others as well.

Passion trumps all

To become an inspirational leader you have to be passionate about the vision and mission of the organisation. You should also be able to share this passion with others in a way where they feel the same way about the work that they do. Once a passion to succeed is shared in an organisation, the road to success becomes even clearer. That said, the nature of this mission and vision is truly important for enabling others to feel as if their work has a purpose and meaning beyond the tasks they perform each day. Sometimes leaders must help their staff connect the dots by explaining this big picture to all. Communicating the big picture regularly will help reinforce the reason your organisation exists.


Learn to listen

A truly inspirational leader listens to the people in their organisation. Talking to people about your passion is not enough on its own. To share meaning, you must also allow the ideas and thoughts of your staff to help form the vision and mission, and make them part of your goal and action plan. No one is ever 100% supportive of a direction they had no part in formulating. People need to see their ideas incorporated, or understand why they were not.

Practice inclusion

In order for people to feel or experience inspiration, people need to feel included. Inclusion is so much more than simply listening and providing feedback. For real inclusion, people need to feel genuinely and intimately connected to the actions and processes that directly lead to the accomplishment of the goals or the final decision. As an inspirational leader make sure that you practice inclusion.


Work on building integrity and trust

Your employees or your team must trust you. This is the only way in which they will be inspired by you. They need to believe in your integrity and see it played out in the decision making process as well as how you treat your customers and employees. Who you are as a person is as important as the direction you provide. Employees look up to a person who tells the truth, tries to do the right things, lives a principled life, and does their best. Your actions play out on the stage of your organisation. Behaviour that aligns with what you say is always centre stage.


Learn how to lead

Sometimes, while leadership may naturally come to some of us, we all need leadership development to actually harness the complete power of what we have inherently. This is why taking a leadership skills training online that is awarded by Pearson BTEC or accredited by CPD & iAP can really prove helpful for your career path and your personal growth too. To find out more about our accredited programmes contact us on [email protected] 




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