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Book- Administrative Office Procedures


Regardless of your job or the position, knowing the administrative procedures of an organization is very important to success in a personal life as well as professional life. This book is very important for the people who are seeking a carrier or the people who are doing the jobs, because they can learn what is included in the administrative procedures how they benefited. In addition, this book is giving the crucial guidelines for the students specially the students who are doing the courses related to the HRM. The organization can refer this book to implement the proper administrative procedures to increase the productivity while satisfying the employees and other stakeholders.



This book contents all administrative procedures that should be included in a reputed firm. Such as what are the administrative tools, especially the binder and other tools, how they used effectively and efficient manner to reduce the confusions.  The book contents the best five to procedures that you need record in the Binder to ensure the recordings are accurate and up-to-date. Other main content of the book is the things that should be included in the binder. First parts the inclusion includes the common things such as how phone calls should be answered second part include the specific policies of the organization such as salary schemes. By referring the “Organizing Your Binder” you can get an idea about how you can effectively organize a binder for administrative procedures. Next part is the very important part, includes the information that should not be there to maintain the reliability of the sources and to maintain the privacy of the organization as well the individuals. Eventual part includes how the administrative procedures can be shared among the organization members.

By implanting, the procedures that have included in the book the organizations can eliminate the common errors. Organization will learn to give priority to the administrative section this enables that the organization’s work environment runs smoothly. In addition, this book enables the administrative procedures such as business continuity, succession planning, audit requirements, and recovery planning are running in cost effective manner to maintain the sustainability of the organization.


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