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Is ITIL Certification Worth it? A Deeper Look into ITIL Certifications and Benefits

ITIL, previously renowned as the ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is one of the global standard in IT service management (ITSM). It is a framework designed to assist organisations in maximising the efficacy of their IT-enabled services and products, making sure their advancement, maintenance, and alignment come in line with key business goals.

At the same time, it is non-descriptive, enabling practitioners to customise it to their requirements without adhering to rigid rules.

In addition, organisations can develop more effective, lean, and customised operations by implementing the ITIL framework. As a result, they will be able to deliver higher-quality IT services at a faster rate. Most significantly, ITIL fosters a culture of continuous improvement by assisting users in reassessing and enhancing the value of current services whenever opportunities arise.

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What Are ITIL Certifications?

ITIL certificates indicate that professionals have received training in ITSM best practices. Aligning IT with any business can save time, money and prevent costly rework.

ITIL fundamentals are vendor-neutral and cover current IT processes, vocabulary, and concepts. As a result, ITIL-certified professionals are in great demand because they have the expertise to help businesses develop and evolve.

ITIL Certification Levels

ITIL Foundation Level

ITIL Foundation is intended to introduce the ITIL framework. It allows candidates to see IT service management via an end-to-end operational model. A model for the design, delivery, and continuous improvement of technology-enabled services. ITIL Foundation Courses Online can better assist a candidate in understanding this certification level.

ITIL Managing Professional

The ITIL Managing Professional (MP) level covers the practical and technical aspects of running effective IT-enabled services, teams, and workflows. It suits IT professionals who work in technology and digital teams in organisations.

ITIL Strategic Leader

ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) acknowledges ITIL’s relevance for all digitally enabled services, not just IT operations. Obtaining the ITIL Strategic Leader certification indicates that you know how IT affects and leads business strategy.

ITIL Master Level

You must be able to describe and justify how you have personally approved and applied a range of ITIL expertise, principles, methods, and techniques, as well as supporting management techniques, to achieve desired business outcomes. It has to be displayed in one or more practical assignments to earn the ITIL Master certification.

Is ITIL Certification Worth it?

There is no shortage of students who are keen to learn ITIL, as most business sectors rely on IT to some degree. So naturally, the most pressing issue on their minds is whether ITIL certificates are worth the time and money spent on training courses.

It’s important to keep in mind that even an ITIL Foundation Course can help an individual’s professional progress at any organisation when getting promotions and negotiating salaries for a new job.

Let’s evaluate if ITIL certifications are actually worth the money.

Is IITIL Certification Worth it?

What Are the Benefits of ITIL Certifications

1. Acquire a Comprehensive Understanding in IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITIL is an excellent framework that solves business issues than simply improve the IT capabilities within an organisation. Practitioners with the ITIL certification has a thorough understanding of the best practices in ITSM. They can employ these methods to drive business success in corporate IT environments.

2. Compatibility with Worldwide IT Service Management Standards

Alignment with International IT Service Management Standards ITIL is compliant with several international quality standards. The most notable one is the ISO/IEC 20000 international standard for ITSM.

Certified ITIL experts may apply their talents to various organisations and industries. This includes those in other countries, thanks to the ITIL framework’s international presence and alignment with global standards. As a result, thousands of companies have embraced the ITIL framework and invested in ITIL software solutions to support their operations worldwide.

3. Higher Salary Opportunities

The salary range for an ITIL Foundation certified professional is £25,000 – £55,000. In addition, the employees who have completed ITIL Expert earns in the range of £30,000 – £65,000.

However, such high salaries don’t happen just through certification. To advance to upper-tier management roles, a candidate will require proof of their ability to put the framework into effect. They also need a sufficient amount of experience.

ITSM practitioners should view ITIL qualifications as a helpful tool and an opportunity rather than regarding it as a shortcut to higher pay. With so many companies putting money into good ITSM these days, an ITIL certification may open up many doors, most of which will give practitioners the experience they need to develop their careers.

4. ITIL certified Professionals are Highly in Demand in Any Industry

According to a 2015 survey, 93% of companies said it was challenging to locate competent IT professionals to fill job openings. Therefore a majority of employers seek professionals with IT qualifications that match specific job openings. It is mainly because they believe that employees with IT qualifications are more likely to achieve company objectives.

A certification proves that you are an expert in the subject matter. Therefore, it is a measure of your expertise on the subject matter. Also, Employees with job-specific qualifications are more confident, dependable, and competent. They become proficient in their positions quickly after being hired. They also execute their tasks more efficiently. These factors demonstrate why ITIL-certified individuals are desirable candidates for IT positions.

ITIL Foundation Courses Online UK with 1Training

ITIL Foundation certificates can open doors in the ITSM and project management professions, allowing users to gain the expertise needed to advance to senior management positions.

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Most importantly, we recognise how challenging it may be for students with full-time jobs to find time and the money for ITIL certifications. Therefore we have added several free resources, including a free CV writing bundle, an ID card that entitles you to fantastic deals and discounts, as well as free career support and course demos to improve and reward your learning experience.

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ITIL® 4 Foundation Official Exam
September 30, 2021

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