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Intensive Virtual Tutoring

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What is virtual order ambien online europe tutoring?

 Virtual tutoring (learning). The future of education, a new way to interact with tutors face to face and learn real life experience from your home or household. We have created a new system where you can interact with tutors and peers without the need to travel anywhere, This new Virtual tutoring allows you to interact and learn with our brilliant tutors from home with our new setup dates, you can set up live face to face video conferences with one of our experienced trainers and get taught from home, you have the power to ask questions, ask for help, and also interact in a way where the learners will feel they are being taught in a real life classroom. So what is there to miss live tutoring and discussion, a new way to interact with tutors from your home, and a certificate at the end of a brilliant training course.

Benefits of Virtual Learning?

  • Learners get to interact with tutors live and from home.
  • The experience makes you feel like you are in a classroom
  • A quicker and more efficient way to complete the Award and Education course from home.
  • No need to travel, Accessible from home.
  • Convenient time schedule that suits your needs.
  • Quick and easy accessible tutor support live.

Guidance for Virtual Tutoring:

* If you are expecting to get virtual tutoring with your tutor, you can arrange the date by contacting our Help Desk (02030867970/

* If you are planning to have virtual tutoring (Video conference), you must aware about following Instruction;

  1. You can book your Virtual tutoring session through your online learning platform or via our website.
  1. You should use Desktop Computer or Laptop for your Virtual tutoring (video conference) classroom. We recommend to use Desktop or Laptop for your Virtual tutoring.
  1. You have to book minimum 2 hours’ session of Virtual tutoring.

​** If you want to cancel your attendance to Virtual Tutoring session, you can cancel it 5 days prior to your session. If you want to postpone, it need to be done 3 days prior to the session and if not, it is considered as you attended to the Virtual tutoring session.

How to join for Virtual tutoring

  • Step 1: Please be prepare yourself 30 mins before the Virtual tutoring session.
  • Step 2: We will send you Webinar ID (Number) to your email 30 mins before the session.
  • Step 3:  Wait for a call from Tutor at your set tutoring session.
  • Step 4: Answer the call in video mode.
  • Step 5: Click the “Share Screen” button to share your screen.
  • Step 7: Position your web camera. So that the tutor can view you and your student group.
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