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How to Become a Software Tester?

 What is Software Testing?

Software testers are playing a vital role in the modern technological workforce, especially in the field of application and programme development. Software testing is a detailed process of validating a computer program/system to decide if it is efficient enough to provide the projected results while meeting the specified requirements. Software tester profes has become crucial for providing a quality deliverable without an issue or bug.

What Does A Software Tester Do?

Software Testers are unluckily the unsung heroes in most of the software/program/application development projects. But actually, they do a lot for all of us, as they save us from those super buggy applications and software and also from those frustrating customer support calls. Technically, ‘Software Testers’ are the expert professionals in quality assurance who put the computer programs/system/application through the wringer to obliterate bugs, interface issues and poor performance factors. In order to do this, they perform an array of performance, stress, function, user acceptance and scalability tests at various level of a software life cycle. Software Testing is fundamental for ensuring the usability and quality of the final deliverable, therefore the software testers come into play at the designing stage, and remain associated throughout the development and release process. Often post-release support is also required.

Skills, Education &Background That I Need to Become a Software Tester?

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics is the education background that most of the employers seek out in a candidate. However, if you have an established work experience, plenty of knowledge and a sound letter of recommendation; then it is quite possible that you landed up the job even without a bachelor’s degree. In other words, to acquire a middle-level software testing position in a firm, all you need is a 3-6 years of direct and worthy experience in the field. Irrespective of the educational background that you prepare, below mentioned are the few key skills that you must have to become a successful software tester.

  • Having skills to create and document manual/automated test procedure/plans, analyzing and executing their result, and reporting bugs and problems.
  • Having par-excellence understanding of program/system/application development methodologies and environment such as Scrum and Agile etc.
  • Having excellent knowledge of testing tools and techniques.
  • Having fluency in using operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux, and also in command-line and scripting tools.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of programing languages such as C++, C#, Java Script, Java, Python, SQL, Ruby on Rails and PHP etc.
  • Must be a multi-tasker with extraordinary analytical skills.
  • Must have great communication skills both in written and verbal for timely communicating with operations, development, management and customers.

 What are the Must-Have Certification for Me?

Although there are several certification that software testers may acquire to prove their aptitude and mettle; however the two most recognized certifications that are frequently acknowledged by the hiring managers are ISTQB Certification and CSTE (Certified Software Tester). You can acquire ISTQB credentials at both Expert and Foundation Level from American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB). CSTE certifications are offered by International Software Certification Board (ISCB). It is noteworthy to mention here that CSTE has a very specific criteria for admission and exam. You must either have (i) a bachelor’s degree with a good 2 years experiences (ii) a 2 year degree and 4 year experience or (iii) experience of 6 years. You can consider CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing) credentials if you fail to meet the CSTE criteria.

You can always take advantage of the free online resources, platforms and communities like Reddit, LinkedIn Group of Software Tester, as they can be a great information source about tools, techniques, certifications, employers and opportunities for you.


March 29, 2022

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