Diploma in Teaching Assistant Training – Level 3 (£449)

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Course Details

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Course Description

A teaching assistant is a professional that supports a teacher with educational and instructional responsibilities of a school or educational setting. Their services are greatly valued as they ease the workload of teachers and give special or individual attention to children who find it difficult to learn with the others. This job position is the starting point for a successful teaching career and offers wonderful salaries, progression opportunities and other benefits that makes it one of the most attractive jobs out there.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to support children and young people with their learning activities
  • Support and understand children and young people’s development
  • Promote a safe learning environment
  • Encourage positive relationships between children and young people
  • Work closely with your colleagues to help children and young people learn and grow
  • Utilise technology to support learning and educational activities
  • Understand how to support and help children with disabilities or special needs
  • Discover how to promote an environment that supports children and young people’s play

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