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Real Estate Agent - Level 4

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Course Curriculum Total Units : 19
1. Charting The Course
1.1 Charting the Course
1.2 Overview
1.3 The Cornerstone of Success
1.4 Natural Ability and Achievement Ceilings
1.5 The Three L’s of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent
2. The Four Stages
2.1 The Four Stages
2.2 Work to Learn Before You Work to Earn
2.3 The Nine Ways the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Thinks
2.4 The Three L’s of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent
2.5 Leads—Lead Generation vs Lead Receiving
3. Staying On Top
3.1 Staying on Top
3.2 Putting it all Together with Focus
3.3 Five Simple Steps
3.4 Business vs Busyness
3.5 Focus Your Time Blocking
3.6 Accountability for Refocus
3.7 The Chief Architect
3.8 Keep Your Energy to Maintain Your Focus
3.9 Real-Life Millionaire Real Estate Agents
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