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MS Excel Course Bundle

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This excellent Microsoft Excel Bundle has been created so you can become an expert user of Excel, which is used in most workplaces, and is extremely useful. This Microsoft Excel Bundle is taught by instructors who have years of experience and heaps of insider tips and tricks to share with you. This Adobe After Effects Bundle consists of the following courses: After Effects CS3: Essentials, and After Effects CS3: Advanced. This bundle consists of the following courses: Excel 2016 – PC, Excel 2016 Bootcamp, Excel 2016 for PC – Charting, Excel 2016 for PC – Evaluating Data, Excel 2016 for PC – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions, Excel 2016 for PC – Pivot Tables, Excel 2016 for PC – Protecting Your Spreadsheets and Excel 2016 for PC – Statistical Analysis.

Our courses couldn’t be more convenient, the course material is delivered straight to you and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand. This course is comprised of professional learning material, all delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months).

What skills will I learn?

  • Gain a thorough understanding of working with your data – from sharing and securing, to importing and exporting
  • Go from Excel Zero, to Excel Hero, and for you to become the Microsoft Excel professional in your office

Included Courses:

  • Excel 2016 – PC
  • Excel 2016 Bootcamp
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Charting
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Evaluating Data
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Pivot Tables
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Protecting Your Spreadsheets
  • Excel 2016 for PC – Statistical Analysis

What are the requirements?

  • You must be 16 or over
  • You should have a basic understanding of English, Maths and ICT
  • You will need a computer or tablet with internet connection (or access to one)

How will I be assessed?

  • You will have 8 assignments. Pass mark is 65%.
  • You will only need to pay £19 x 8 for assessments.
  • You will receive the results within 72 hours of submittal, and will be sent a certificate in 7-14 days.


Successful candidates will be awarded certificates for Microsoft Excel Bundle. Anyone eligible for certification will receive e-certificates, and printed certificates.

Career Path:

This excellent Microsoft Excel Bundle course will qualify you to be an Executive Assistant. The average salary of an Executive Assistant in the UK is £30,587, and this will go up with experience ( With this course you could fulfil any of the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Office manager
  • Business executive
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Key Features

Gain an accredited UK qualification

Access to excellent quality study materials

Learners will be eligible for TOTUM Discount Card

Personalized learning experience

One year’s access to the course

Support by phone, live chat, and email

Course Curriculum Total Units : 0
-------- Excel 2016 - Pc --------
1: Getting Started
2: Work With Data And Datasets
3: Create Formulas
4: Manage Data And Datasets
5: Format Your Table
6: Work With Sheets
7: Work With Charts
8: Share And Secure Data
9: Import And Export Data
-------- Excel 2016 Bootcamp --------
1: Overview
2: How To Make A Quote & Invoicing Form
3: Using Templates
4: Cleaning Up Messy Data
5: Graphs In Excel
6: Pivot Tables
7: How To Make A Profit & Loss Sheet
8: Cheat Sheet & Shortcuts
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc - Charting --------
1: Getting Started
2: Chart Tabs And Riddons
3: Format Your Chart
4: Present Your Chart
5: Work With Sparklines
6: New Chart Types
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc – Evaluating Data --------
1: Getting Started
2: Data Validation
3: Conditional Formatting
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions --------
1: Getting Started & What’s New
2: Formulas
3: Linking And Consolidating Worksheets
4: Auditing & Error Checking
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc – Pivot Tables --------
1: Getting Started
2: Creating & Deleting
3: Custom Appearance & Layout
4: Printing Options & Copying A Pivot Table
5: Summarizing With Totals & Formulas
6: Refreshing Data
7: Pivot Charts
8: Sparklines & Slicers
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc – Protecting Your Spreadsheets --------
1: Protecting Your Spreadsheet
-------- Excel 2016 For Pc – Statistical Analysis --------
1: Describing Data
2: Comparing Variables
3: Tests Of Significance
4: Printing Options & Copying A Pivot Table
5: Data Analysis Toolpak
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