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Forex Trading Essentials - Level 3

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Course Curriculum Total Units : 50
1. Why Choose Forex?
1.1 Why Choose Forex?
1.2 Forex Simplified
1.3 No One Person or Economy Can Control the Market
2. What You Need to Know About Forex Trading
2.1 What You Need to Know About Forex Trading
2.2 About Forex Trading
2.3 Be Aware of Fraudulent Schemes
3. The Majors
3.1 The Majors
3.2 What Other Currencies Could Possibly Usurp the U.S. Dollar’s Throne?
4.3 Getting a Bird’s Eye View
4. Fundamental v/s Technical Analysis
4.1 Fundamental v/s Technical Analysis
4.2 Fundamental Analysis
4.4 Checking Out the Macros
4.5 Technical Analysis: A Beginners Guide
4.6 Components of Technical Analysis
4.7 Convergence and Divergence
5. Making or Breaking News
5.1 Making or Breaking News
5.2 So, You Want to Trade the News
5.3 What Exactly Happens to the Market?
5.4 So, You Still Want to Trade the News?
5.5 Now, More News!
6. Automated Trading
6.1 Automated Trading
6.2 What is Automated Trading?
6.3 Why use Automated Trading?
6.4 How to Write an Expert Advisor?
6.5 How to Test the Expert Advisor
7. Mentally Preparing to Trade
7.1 Mentally Preparing to Trade
7.2 Be Sure to Check Your Emotions at the Door
7.3 What About Using a Managed Account?
7.4 Final Warning, Forex is Not for Everyone
8. Make Your Plan
8.1 Make Your Plan
8.2 Elements to Consider
8.3 Essentials of a Trading Plan
8.4 State Your Purpose
8.5 Strategy for Buying
8.6 Strategy for Holding
8.7 Money and Risk Management
9. Appendix A: Common Indicators Defined
9.1 Appendix A: Common Indicators Defined
9.2 Bollinger Bands
9.3 Standard Deviation
9.4 Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence (MACD)
9.5 Parabolic SAR
9.6 Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)
9.7 Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
10. Appendix B: Trend Line Work Book
10.1 Appendix B: Trend Line Work Book
11. Appendix C Finding Patterns in Your Charts
11.1 Appendix C: Finding Patterns in Your Charts
11.2 Candlestick Patterns
12. Appendix D: More News to Trade
12.1 Appendix D: More News to Trade
12.2 Gross Domestic Product GDP
12.3 Indices of Leading, Lagging and Coincident Indicators
12.4 The Employment Situation
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