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Forex Trading Essentials - Level 2

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Course Curriculum Total Units : 112
1. So You Want to Trade FOREX?
1.1 So You Want to Trade FOREX?
1.2 Two Wolves
1.3 Follow the Rules
1.4 Your Litmus Test
1.5 Your Life’s Purpose
2. Introduction to the FOREX
2.1 Introduction to the FOREX
2.2 Will Never Forget
2.3 History of the Forex Market: How it All Began Bretton-Woods Accord
2.4 Free-Floating Currencies
2.5 European Monetary System
2.6 Devaluation
2.7 The Introduction of the Euro
2.8 What is the Forex?
2.9 Types of Traders
2.10 How Do Traders Get Paid?
2.11 Bulls and Bears
2.12 Types of Orders
2.13 The Market Traders Institute Philosophy
2.14 The Three Levels of Trading
2.15 The Reality of Trading
2.16 The 21-Day, 3 Percent Rule
3. Self-Empowerment via Trading Software
3.1 Self-Empowerment via Trading Software
3.2 The Value of Self-Empowerment
3.3 Using Indicators to Determine an Entry Point
3.4 Using Indicators to Determine Exit Strategies
3.5 Using Multiple Time Frames to Trade
4. Trading Japanese Candlesticks
4.1 Trading Japanese Candlesticks
4.2 The History of Japanese Candlesticks
4.3 How to Read a Japanese Candlestick
4.4 Reading a Japanese Candlestick Chart
4.5 How to Find a High
4.6 How to Find a Low
4.7 Understanding the Different Japanese Candlesticks
4.8 Candlestick Formations
4.9 Bullish Candlestick Formations or Buy Signals
4.10 The Morning Star (Buy Signal)
4.11 Morning Star Formation
4.12 Bullish Engulfing Candle
4.13 Tweezer Bottom Bullish Formation (Buy Signal)
4.14 Bearish Candlestick Formation or Sell Signals
4.15 The Evening Star (Sell Signal)
4.16 The Bearish Engulfing Pattern (Sell Signal)
4.17 Tweezer Top Formation (Sell Signal)
4.18 Trading Candlestick Patterns
4.19 Resistance and Support
5. The Financial Game of Support and Resistance
5.1 The Financial Game of Support and Resistance
5.2 I Never Thought in My Wildest
5.3 The Game
5.4 How Do Bulls and Bears Score Points?
5.5 Identifying Highs and Lows
5.6 Resistance
5.7 Support
5.8 Learning to Short the Market
5.9 Past Resistance Can Become Future Support
5.10 Past Support Can Become Future Resistance
5.11 Visually Observing the Game
6. Trends and Trendlines
6.1 Trends and Trendlines
6.2 A Trend is Your Friend
6.3 Trading a Trend Until it Bends
6.4 Spotting an Uptrend
6.5 Drawing Uptrend Lines
6.6 Finding and Drawing Inner, Outer, and Long-Term Uptrend Lines
6.7 Incorrect Ways of Drawing Uptrend Lines
6.8 Finding and Drawing Downtrend Lines
6.9 Finding and Drawing Inner, Outer, and Long-Term Downtrend Lines
6.10 Incorrect Ways of Drawing Downtrend Lines
6.11 Trends Inside of Trends
6.12 Trading Channels
6.13 The Value of Trend Lines
7. Buy and Sell Zones
7.1 Buy and Sell Zones
7.2 Trends
7.3 The Sell Zone
7.4 Shorting the Market When it Enters the Sell Zone
7.5 The Buy Zone
8. The Fibonacci Secret
8.1 The Fibonacci Secret
8.2 The History of Fibonacci
8.3 The Fibonacci Numerical Sequence
8.4 The Fibonacci Sequence in Nature
8.5 The Fibonacci Retracement and Extension Ratio Relationship
8.6 The 0.382/1.618 Ratio Relationship
8.7 The 0.50/1.618 Ratio Relationship
8.8 The 0.618/1.618 Ratio Relationship
8.9 The 0.786/1.27 Ratio Relationship
8.10 Small A, B, C, D’s Form Inside C, D’s
8.11 The Value of Adding the Fibonacci Numbers
9. The Reality of the Fibonacci Secret
9.1 The Reality of the Fibonacci Secret
9.2 Fibonacci Retracements Everywhere
9.3 Look at the Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions in Nature
10. Fundamental Analysis
10.1 Fundamental Analysis
10.2 Fundamental Announcements Analysis
10.3 Trading Days Versus Trending Days
10.4 Increased Risk With Trading Fundamental Announcements
10.5 World Economies
10.6 The Importance of Fundamental Announcements
10.7 The 13 Most Important U.S. Fundamental Announcements
11. Consolidating, Bracketing, Accumulation, or Sideways Movement
11.1 Consolidating, Bracketing, Accumulation, or Sideways Movement
11.2 Life, in General
11.3 Consolidation Factors
11.4 Not All Fundamental Announcements Move the Market
11.5 Bull and Bear Traps
11.6 Bull Traps
11.7 Bear Traps
12. Learning the Rules of Equity Management
12.1 Learning the Rules of Equity Management
12.2 What is Equity Management?
12.3 The Equity Management Formula
12.4 Risk Versus Reward
12.5 Percentages Mean Nothing When Trading
13. The Final Analysis
13.1 The Final Analysis
13.2 I Enjoyed Writing
13.3 Education First
13.4 Our Habits Control Our Lives
13.5 Finding Your Pot of Gold
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