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Food Health and Nutrition Bundle

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Food Health and Nutrition Bundle


This bundle consists of 10 courses which will give you an opportunity to cover many areas of your daily life requirements.  

Not many of us are aware of how food and nutrition impacts our health and daily life. Where does food originate from and is what we eat healthy? The Food, Health and Nutritional Bundle course will give you a holistic overview of the impact food and nutrition has on your overall health.  You will become more aware of what you eat and the choices you make with regard to your food.

It is time to do away with the chaos and stress of everyday life and take the time to focus on good health and a balanced diet. Take the time to live life differently, focus on your health and learn to live life in a healthy and fulfilling way.

The course will help you understand your eating habits and lifestyle, and if you need to change any of it. You will also learn that food choices not only impact your physical health but also your emotional well-being. The course covers aerobic boot camp, yoga, a look at vitamins and minerals, making beer in your home, wine tasting and pairing and how to set-up your own kitchen and learn to cook any recipe you like. The health and nutrition course bundle is designed to make healthy eating more rewarding and sustainable for the body and mind. We are offering a slew of courses that consists of actionable material that will help improve your daily life.

Why consider 1Training?

As improvements and advancements are made in technology, online courses are no longer just conventional means of studying at affordable costs. In many aspects online training offers superiority to traditional learning. There is an effectiveness and convenience that traditional learning cannot provide. The overall convenience and flexibility makes it a superior learning method.

1Training offers the most convenient path to gain an internationally recognised qualification that will give you the opportunity to put into practice your skill and expertise in an enterprise or corporate environment. You can study at your own pace at 1Training and you will be provided with all the necessary material, tutorials, qualified course instructor and multiple free resources which include Free CV writing pack, Nus Discounted Card, Free career support and course demo to make your learning experience enriching and more rewarding.

Learning Outcome

  • Embark on a motivational fitness regime with an aerobic boot camp course. Boot camp workouts help burn fat and build muscles. Tighten your tummy, get into shape and improve your fitness and overall health with this fantastic course.
  • The online yoga class will teach you the basic fundamentals that you can follow right throughout your life. Whether you want to free your body from toxins, shed the extra pounds you carry around or gain serenity and peace of mind, follow the instructor’s step by step guidance and feel refreshed and youthful and ready to live life again.
  • Set-up your kitchen in your own home and learn the basic tools to effectively manage your kitchen. You can learn to cook anything you want. The course is about having a passion for cooking.
  • The course teaches you about vitamins and minerals. Learn about the health benefits you can gain from fruits and vegetables. You will be provided downloadable recipes on making delicious juices to help achieve your wellness goals.
  • Learn how to make beer in the comfort of your home. Learn everything you need to know about brewing beer and if you want to skip the bar queue, you can go straight home and pour your own beers.
  • Do you enjoy a glass of wine every now and then? Do you want to learn about wine tasting and pairing? It is not only for the experts, everyone can have a taste of it. This is a fun and accessible course where you will be taught to appreciate food and wine pairing.

Course Titles

  • Aerobic Boot Camp
  • Cooking
  • Juicing and Blending
  • Mastering Beer Brewing
  • Mastering Bartending in a Week or Less
  • The Key to Nutrition and Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Wine Making
  • Wine Pairing and Tasting
  • Yoga

  Course Library Objectives

  • Gain access to the best and most recognised training
  • Become qualified and improve your knowledge in a specialised field
  • Learn a new set of skills to help you succeed in your current employment
  • Understand how to use your skills in an enterprise environment

Access Duration

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at anytime.

Entry Requirements

  • You must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of Maths, English and ICT
  • The courses are suitable for learners looking to acquire new skills and knowledge

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Individuals working in the health industry
  • Those interested in learning about food and nutrition
  • Anyone who wants to take a step forward in life and acquire new skills and knowledge

Method of Assessment

At the end of the Food, Health and Nutritional Bundle you will be required to take a multiple choice question assessment test. The multiple choice question assessment will be automatically marked with learners receiving an instant grade.

If it is an official exam you will have to purchase it separately on the relevant website.


Those who successfully complete the Food, Health and Nutritional Bundle will be awarded the relevant certificate. For every course you complete successfully you will receive a free e-certificate and you can purchase a printed certificate, as well.

Progression and Career Path

The Food, Health and Nutritional Bundle course is a successful and cost-effective approach for many individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge on multiple subjects and applying it to real-life.

Once you successfully complete the Food, Health and Nutritional Bundle you will be qualified to work in the following positions.

  • Nutritionist – The average UK salary for a Nutritionist is £23,800 per annum

The qualification will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary for a Nutritionist is £22,367 per annum according to

Other Benefits

  • Written and designed by the industry’s finest expert instructors with over 15 years of experience
  • Repeat and rewind all your lectures and enjoy a personalised learning experience
  • Gain access to quality video tutorials
  • Unlimited 12 months access from anywhere, anytime
  • Excellent Tutor Support Service (Monday to Friday)
  • Save time and money on travel
  • Learn at your convenience and leisure
  • Quizzes, tests mock exams, practice exams to ensure you are 100% ready
  • Eligible for a NUS discount card

Key Features

Gain an accredited UK qualification

Access to excellent quality study materials

Learners will be eligible for TOTUM Discount Card

Personalized learning experience

One year’s access to the course

Support by phone, live chat, and email

Course Curriculum Total Units : 0
Aerobic Boot Camp
Juicing and Blending
Mastering Beer Brewing
Mastering Bartending in a Week or Less
The Key to Nutrition and Wellness
Weight Loss
Wine Making
Wine Pairing and Tasting
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