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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Essentials

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Course Description:

This excellent Photoshop CS3: Essentials course is a comprehensive guide, and will teach you all the fundamentals of Photoshop CS3. So whether you’re a Photoshop CS3 beginner, or you just need a refresher on keyboard shortcuts, the basics of making selections, special effects and layering, then this Photoshop CS3 Essentials course is what you need to make your images dazzle! During this excellent Photoshop CS3: Essentials course learners will cover various topics including: understanding the toolbars and interface, navigating documents, the fundamentals of colour correction, layering, doctoring images, filters and special effects. Learn how to manipulate images and gain the necessary skill to effectively utilise tools and interface of Photoshop CS3. Gain insider knowledge and a whole host of expert tips about Photoshop CS3 from a master!

Our learning material is available to students 24/7 anywhere in the world, so it’s extremely convenient. These intensive online courses are open to everyone, as long as you have an interest in the topic! We provide world-class learning led by IAP, so you can be assured that the material is high quality, accurate and up-to-date.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be 16 or over
  • You should have a basic understanding of English, Maths and ICT
  • You will need a computer or tablet with internet connection (or access to one)

What skills will I gain?

  • Learn how to utilize the power of Adobe Bridge to import, analyse, and organize your photos.
  • Understand the camera RAW workflow. Uncover how to convert your files to DNG, how to adjust white balance, exposure, saturation, create magnificent monochromes and even edit your JPEGS and TIFFS non-destructively
  • Master some of the industry’s revered retouching techniques. Clone and heal your images, enhance eyes, whiten teeth, smooth skin tones, and reduce wrinkles
  • Discover all the image adjustment tools inside Photoshop CS3 including the histogram, adjust levels and curves, brightness and contrast, and shadows and highlights
  • Find out how to create image stacks, align and blend your layers and use Photomerge to create seamless eye-popping panoramas

Meet the Instructor:

Chad Perkins is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effects, Premiere, and was one of the first in the world to be a Certified Expert in Adobe Encore DVD. He is also an Adobe Certified Print Specialist, an Adobe Certified Video Specialist, and is a CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer. He has been teaching graphics applications at advanced levels for 5 years and has a very charismatic and humorous approach to teaching that keeps students entertained and enlightened.

Chad also owns Aveconta, an architectural rendering studio that creates photo-realistic renders from AutoCAD drawings and blueprints.

Chad served for over two years as the Digital 3D and Animation Specialist at a leading lenticular art creation facility in Southern California, where he produced finished art for Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Disney, among others. True to his passion for movies and animation, Chad is currently directing and producing an all-CGI short film.

Course Outline:

Section 1 – Photoshop Fundamentals

  • Module 01: The Glory Of Photoshop
  • Module 02: Preparing To Use Photoshop
  • Module 03: Selection Basics
  • Module 04: Layer Basics
  • Module 05: Colour Theory & Colour Correction
  • Module 06: Painting 101
  • Module 07: Undo Options & The History Palette
  • Module 08: Guides, Rulers & The Help Viewer
  • Module 09: Raster Vs. Vector-Based Images

Section 2 – Making Photoshop Magic Happen

  • Module 01: Doctoring Images
  • Module 02: Smart Objects Are Smarter Than Me
  • Module 03: Filters & Special Effects
  • Module 04: The Power Of Automation
  • Module 05: Intermediate Layer Concepts
  • Module 06: Output Options
  • Module 07: Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw & Device Central

How will I be assessed?

  • You will have one assignment. Pass mark is 65%.
  • You will only need to pay £19 for assessment.
  • You will receive the results within 72 hours of submittal, and will be sent a certificate in 7-14 days.

What Certification am I going to receive?

Those who successfully pass this course will be awarded a Photoshop CS3: Essentials certificate. Anyone eligible for certification will receive a free e-certificate, and printed certificate.

What careers can I get with this qualification?

This Photoshop CS3: Essentials course will give you an in depth education in Photoshop, and will give you a whole host of useful tips to take your work to the next level. With this certificate you could go on to higher level study of these programmes, or could get a job in a related field, like Graphic Design. The average salary of a Graphic Designer in the UK is £21,778, which goes up with experience ( You could get a job in any of the following industries:

  • Image editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Digital Design

Key Features

Gain an accredited UK qualification

Access to excellent quality study materials

Learners will be eligible for TOTUM Discount Card

Personalized learning experience

One year’s access to the course

Support by phone, live chat, and email

Course Curriculum Total Units : 114
Section 1: Photoshop Fundamentals
1: The Glory Of Photoshop
1. Color Correction
2. Editing Non-Destructively
3. Painting with Digital Paint
4. Doctoring Images
5. Using Special Effects
6. Automating Your Workflow
7. Sorting & Organizing Photos in Adobe Bridge
8. Understanding Industry-Specific Work
9. Integration with Other Programs
2: Preparing To Use Photoshop
1. Using the New CS3 Interface
2. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
3. Customizing Menus
4. Customizing Your Workspace
5. Creating a New Document
6. Examining the Document Window
7. Navigating Documents
8. Using Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Differences between Mac & PC Functionality
3: Selection Basics
1. Introducing Selecting
2. Using the Marquee Tools
3. Using the Lasso Tools
4. Experimenting with Selection Tricks
5. Manipulating Selections
6. Using the Magic Wand Tool
7. Using the Quick Selection Tool
8. Refining Selection Edges
9. Saving Selections
4: Layer Basics
1. Utilizing Layers Will Save Your Life
2. Stacking Order
3. Renaming & Duplicating Layers
4. Applying Layer Locks
5. Understanding Opacity
6. Selecting & Linking Multiple Layers
7. Creating a Layer Group
8. Learning My Favorite Trick
5: Color Theory & Color Correction
1. Understanding Color Theory
2. Using the Adobe Color Picker
3. Creating & Using Swatches
4. Using Tools for Correcting Luminance
5. Using Commands for Correcting Luminance
6. Using Tools for Correcting Color
7. Using Commands for Correcting Color
8. Making Black & White Adjustments
6: Painting 101
1. Discovering the Power of Brushes
2. Creating a Soft-Edged Brush
3. Changing the Brush Tip
4. Using Brushes with Other Tools
5. Previewing Advanced Brushes
6. Creating Brushes from Scratch
7. Using the Eyedropper Tool
7: Undo Options & The History Palette
1. Undoing Mistakes
2. Changing History State Preferences
3. Using the History Palette
4. Allowing Non-Linear History
5. Using Scratch Disks
8: Guides, Rulers & The Help Viewer
1. Referencing the Adobe Help Viewer
2. Using Rulers
3. Working with Guides
4. Choosing Color Samples
5. Using the Count Tool
6. Using the Ruler Tool
7. Using the Annotation Tools
9: Raster Vs. Vector-based Images
1. Contrasting Raster & Vector Images
2. Making Shapes
3. Creating Text
4. Learning Typography Basics
5. Warping Type
6. Final Comments & Credits
Section 2: Making Photoshop Magic Happen
1: Doctoring Images
1. Transforming Objects
2. Rasterizing & Warping Text
3. Using the Perspective Crop Tool
4. Using the Clone Stamp Tool
5. Using the Healing Brush & Patch Tool
6. Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
2: Smart Objects Are Smarter Than Me
1. Placing External Files
2. Editing Smart Objects
3. Saving Smart Objects
4. Making Custom Smart Objects
5. Converting Smart Objects to Regular Objects
3: Filters & Special Effects
1. Introducing Smart Filters
2. Using Blur Effects
3. Using Sharpening Effects
4. Using the Liquify Effect
5. Using Distortion Effects
6. Using Render Effects
7. Using Multiple Effects
4: The Power Of Automation
1. Saving & Loading Dialog Presets
2. Applying Actions
3. Cropping & Straightening Photos
4. Introducing Photomerge®
5. Using the Web Photo Gallery
6. Automating from Bridge
5: Intermediate Layer Concepts
1. Introducing Layer Styles
2. Adding a Drop Shadow
3. Creating a Simulated 3D Effect
4. Touring the Other Effects
5. Painting with 3D Paint
6. Using Adjustment Layers
7. Creating Layer Comps
6: Output Options
1. Saving for Print & Web Overview 03:05
2. Introducing Zoomify(TM)
3. Saving for Video & Devices Overview
4. Discussing Print File Formats
5. Discussing Web & Video File Formats
6. Saving Images for the Web
7. Understanding Image Size & Resolution
8. Trimming & Cropping
9. Using the New Print Dialog Box
7: Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw & Device Central
1. Organizing Images in Bridge
2. Creating Metadata in Bridge
3. Importing Photos from Your Camera
4. Working with Camera Raw
5. Using Adobe Device Central
6. Final Comments & Credits
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