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10 Skills That Will Make Your Receptionist Resume Stand Out


A good first impression is among one of the best receptionist skills around. As the first point of human contact for many businesses, a receptionist will need to create a welcoming but also professional image.  A warm welcome, they say, can also speak volumes about how a company will treat their customers. As the receptionist, you will have a lot of responsibility on your hands, and it can never be just broken down or simplified to “running the front desk” alone.


You should have strong technical receptionist skills

Everything is run by technology right now and for you, this can actually make your job and your life, much easier if you just know what to use and how to use them. For example, a good understanding of Opera systems will help you even secure a good receptionist position as it is one of the most used software in the hospitality industry around the world. A good knowledge of MS Office will help you work efficiently and with less errors. If you think about working smart, being tech savvy is important.You should be able to work independently

Most of the time you will be seated alone and away from your colleagues as you are the person who will greet customers as they enter. Therefore, it is important that you also try and work independently as much as possible. Make sure that you have all the resources and support that you need to work independently at hand, because if there is some concern or query from a customer you may not be able to reach out to your colleagues.


You must be an excellent communicator

You cannot afford to take the risk of miscommunicating anything at all. Along with providing accurate information about the business to customers, receptionist skills include managing tricky calls, dealing with difficult customers or supporting office colleagues with their administrative tasks, and sending clear, succinct messages to the appropriate recipient either verbally or in writing.

Good time management skills

You will be juggling a lot of different tasks in each working day and this means things like, screening calls, making appointments, and taking as well as delivering messages. You will also be expected to complete various clerical tasks on time and this will, obviously require a high amount of time management and multi-tasking. You will need to prioritise and if your office is always buy cheap ativan busy, you will be expected to thrive under pressure.

You should be an amazing organiser.

Take a look around your workplace, and it’s likely, that the front desk is the neatest work area in the office. It has to be this way as a front desk laden with paperwork doesn’t just convey a poor impression to visitors, it can also represent an information security risk.


Among receptionist skills, dependability is rated rather high. No business can afford to have phone calls unanswered or leave clients unattended – even for just a few minutes. You are expected to be punctual, maintain regular attendance, come back from breaks at the right time and not let anything slip through during the day.


Excellent interpersonal skills

Needless to say, receptionist skills look for your ability to build relationships with customers, colleagues, third parties and the likes. Why? Because before anybody else they will be met by you isn’t it? If you mess up and give them a negative vibe that is the impression that they will carry about the company, which is not a good thing for business. If you are unable to maintain a working relationship with your colleagues, it will be challenging for you to communicate everything correctly.

Be a good active listener

You need to train yourself to become a good, active listener, so that when people speak to you and if they are even being difficult, your listening can help assure them that their concerns, are being told to the right person. You also cannot ask people to keep repeating instructions, so make sure you get it right in one go.


Have a good memory

Take notes always, because even as we said earlier, you cannot ask people to repeat, but that said, you must also have a good memory. If you keep forgetting things easily, you will have a really hard time at your job.

Ownership and problem solving skills

Last but not the least, receptionist skills include having the ability to take initiative or ownership and also solve problems as and when they happen. Now that you know what the top 10 receptionist skills are, are you ready to apply for your next job? Let us know if our blog was helpful. If you want to learn the core competencies expected of a receptionist you can speak to our team on [email protected]




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