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Would You Like to Become a professional Hotel Receptionist?


Hotel Receptionists are the gatekeepers of a hotel, and are one of the most important instruments in a hotel’s staff. When you work into a hotel, who is the first person you speak to? A receptionist (in any sector) is truly the face of the entire organisation, so it is a crucial element. Often it is a great way to get your foot in the door, and once you have experience, you will likely be promoted.

Another benefit of working as a Hotel Receptionist is that you will be in high demand, and can work anywhere! There are hotels all around the world, so with a qualification, there are no limits.

All you need to become a Hotel Receptionist is training! This is why we offer a range of courses designed to help you achieve this goal. Below is a list of our Hotel Receptionist courses, so you can make an informed decision!

Opera PMS Hotel Booking Software Training:

So, you have some receptionist experience, surely you can make the move to hotel receptionist seamlessly? Wrong!

Being a Hotel Receptionist requires specialist skills, such as being able to use Hotel Booking Software, like Opera PMS, which is one of the most popular programs. Hotels across the world use Opera PMS, so if you hope to work as a Hotel Receptionist, but need to build specific skills, this course is perfect. You’ll have a big advantage, as employers won’t have to train order soma 500 mg online you, and will appreciate candidates who have made the effort to become familiar with the software.

Telephone Handling Skills:

If you’re someone who has receptionist experience, but needs to re-fresh your telephone handling skills, this course is exactly what you’re looking for. A Hotel Receptionist is constantly on the telephone, so understanding the correct way to converse with guests is a must, and could really help any job hunters.

Hotel Receptionist:

This course is a great all rounder, especially if you don’t have any reception experience. The course is a comprehensive guide, and learners will build all of the necessary skills for a Hotel Receptionist. As this is a job-ready qualification it will prepare you for work, so if you’re looking for a job this course will make it a lot easier, and means you’ll be more employable, which is never a bad thing! Even if you do have experience, there is no harm in adding a well-recognised qualification to your CV, as this will attract potential employers. As well as this, it would be a good option if you’re returning to work as a hotel receptionist, as it will refresh your knowledge.

Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Booking Software:

Similar to the above course, this course is a full education, and will prepare you for employment. As well as developing hotel receptionist skills, learners will be taught to use the Opera PMS Hotel Booking software.


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