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How to Motivate Your Team


To help business professionals or those who manage others as part of their job role, we’ve identified some key changes you can implement to improve motivation within your company.

Regular appraisals…

Appraisals are incredibly useful when it comes to people management, as they allow both parties (manager and employee) a means of communicating any issues. As the employer or manager, you should be striving for the constant professional development and improvement of your employees, and appraisals are an excellent way to track progress and set future goals. Make sure that you first acknowledge the positives, and give proper recognition of the hard work and effort your employee has put in. If you do have any criticisms, make sure you frame them as things your employee can improve on, and provide them the proper guidance to do so.

How can I implement this?

Hold regular appraisal meetings with each member of your staff. Discuss the things they have improved on, and how they can continue to do better in the future.

Team meetings…

In the everyday buzz of company activity, it can be hectic, and it is easy for communication to break down. What’s the answer? Regular team meetings. A meeting is your chance to foster effective communication, and you’ll be surprised at how much can come out of a regular meeting. During the meeting you can take the chance to inform your staff and keep them up to date, which will make them feel more involved in the business. These meetings can be especially effective if you encourage staff to note down any ideas or issues they have, and bring them to the meeting. If you’re staff feel they are being included and have the chance to speak, they will react in a positive way, and will be motivated to work harder.

How can I implement this?

Hold a weekly meeting with your team members. You could take a trip to the local cafe to make the meeting feel less formal, and to encourage conversation. This will also foster team bonding, and will allow your team to work together in an effective way.

Encourage questions…

If you don’t ask, you don’t know, and if your team members don’t know what they’re doing, the company will never get anywhere. So, make sure your staff understand that you are always open to questions, no matter how big or small they are. An open door policy leads to a comfortable working space, in which your team feel included and supported, which in turn will motivate them to work harder for you.

How can I implement this?

During the weekly meeting make sure you allocate some time for anyone to ask questions, and let your staff know your door is always open to them.

Let your hair down…

While you want your staff to work hard, you also buy ambien online usa want them to be happy working with each other, so allowing them to do this is extremely important. There are lots of great ways to do this, you could arrange group lunches, evenings at the pub, or team away days. Not only will your staff work better as a team, they will appreciate the fact that you care, and will respond with their best work!

How can I implement this?

Arrange a staff lunch or evening activity once a week or month. You could even have a different member of the team choose an activity each time, so your staff feel even more included. In addition, arrange a staff away day once a year or once every six months.

A positive environment…

If you make the office a nice environment to be in, your staff will be happy to come to work, and will work harder. Depending upon your working space there are many different ways of enhancing the space, but we’ve come up with some golden rules for you to follow. The first is to remove any clutter from the office, and keep it neutral and tidy, as this will allow your employees to focus. Second, you should definitely get some indoor plants, as they are known to reduce the levels of harmful pollutants in the air. Thirdly, it is a good idea to provide free water, and nutritional snacks to your team. It has been shown that someone who eats a healthy and balanced diet will be more productive, focused, and creative.

How can I implement this?

Get your team involved! Ask them for suggestions on how the office space can be improved and what would help them to stay motivated.

Give incentives…

Obviously, your staff are being paid, but smaller incentives can work wonders at keeping people motivated! You could set targets and offer gift cards, cinema tickets, or something similar to those who reach or exceed the targets. Not only will this give people something to focus on, it will mean they feel their work is worthwhile, and will give them something to aim for.

Professional development…

Encourage your team to keep learning! Not only will this keep them motivated, it means they will have a much more diverse skill set, so will have more to offer your company.

How can I implement this?

1Training! We offer vocational training courses in a whole range of areas, from IT and design, to accounting and health and safety. Not just that, because the courses are completed online, they can be completed anywhere, and will provide your employees with a professional qualification.

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