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Can I Do an MBA Without a Degree?


If you really want to get an MBA but do not have a bachelor’s degree, your dream of an MBA may look like it’s just going to be a dream, however you should also know that there are some MBA programs that will take in students who display the right skills and may have alternative qualifications equivalent to a bachelor’s degree along with the right experience.

If you are feeling disheartened, don’t be. There are many avenues that you can explore to make sure that you achieve your career and academic goals nevertheless. Here are some of the main factors that you should be aware about if you are planning to start on an MBA without a degree.



What are the usual requirements for an MBA if you don’t have a degree?

You can actually apply for an MBA in some cases, with certain universities with qualifications in lieu of a bachelor’s degree such as a Level 7 qualification along with hours for on-the-job experience in the right field. Therefore, this option is actually one that is rather viable even though it may sound impossible before you completely understand it. For example the University of Chicago will consider candidates for their MBA program without a bachelor’s degree if they work full time and have an impressive professional record along with a GMAT which is required in that country. In UK, the University of Essex, has similar options where candidates will be considered based on substantial management level experience, other recognised credentials and professional certificates. Do keep in mind though that all this will be investigated on a case by case basis and that these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the University at any point.


What is a level 7 qualification?

Level 7 qualifications usually include the following:

  • An integrated master’s degree, such as master of engineering (MEng)
  • A level 7 award
  • A level 7 certificate
  • A level 7 diploma
  • A level 7 NVQ
  • A master’s degree
  • A postgraduate certificate
  • A postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE)
  • A postgraduate diploma

If you want to more about the different levels of qualifications, equivalents to qualifications and what they mean, this government website can direct you for the recognised qualifications needed in the UK.

How can you apply for an MBA?

If you have never been to a university before and you want to start on your MBA, think about contacting the institute that you are interested in studying with. This way you have a better chance of exploring all the options that they have available to you based on your buy valium anxiety treatment requirements. You can also read about the entry qualifications on the websites of the colleges and universities that you are looking at but don’t feel deterred if you do not meet their entry criteria. There are many options sometimes, that may have not been mentioned on the site as they are never general, and are always considered on a case by case basis. You may also be asked to attend an aptitude or entry test as well based on the program and the institute that you have asked for. Occasionally you would also be required to face an interview.


Think about learning online

Did you know that the MBA is one of the most popular courses that working professionals choose to study online? The flexibility and the affordability that is offered through distance learning be it for an MBA or any other qualification such as a Level 7 one, is the biggest reason behind this popularity. In addition to this, online education providers tend to put a lot of weight on work experience and consider candidates who may not have academic qualifications necessarily but fulfill in other areas.

So what can you do if you are not accepted into university?

Don’t be discouraged. That is definitely the first thing not to do.

Then look back on why you were refused. If you need to gain a Level 7 award or certification for your MBA, try to get it online if you cannot go into a university for your degree to qualify for an MBA.

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