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Top 10 Management Interview Questions and How to Smartly Answer Them

Do you have a management interview coming up? Then one of the things that will give you an edge is knowing what management interview questions you stand the most chance of being asked and knowing how to answer them smart. Employers look for candidates who can give great answers that are actually realistic and true in their interviews and with the level of competition today, wining this isn’t exactly something that is just easy and comes without the right research and practice. That’s why this week on our blog, we thought we’d give you some insight into frequently asked management interview questions and how you can get the answers just right.


What is Your Style of Management?

If asked remember that quantifiable achievements will always trump self-serving rhetoric answers. Therefore avoid only talking about your style of management. Rather, tell them how and why it will work. Don’t use common and rehashed words like responsible or leadership skills. Instead tell them what good management really is and how and why your method fits into the framework. Be factual not over confident.


Give us Example of a Difficult Customer You’ve Handled

You will be asked this question 90% of the time. Go prepared to answer this before your interview so that you don’t have to suddenly remember things that you have dealt with in a few seconds. Do not avoid speaking of mistakes that you have made and in fact it would be more impressive to tell them how you have learnt rather than saying how everything was perfect. The ability to overcome challenges carries weight.


What are Your Team Motivation Strategies?

Don’t fall into the trap with this one. There is essentially no one size fits all solution for this and if you try to say so, you may have cross questions fired at you. Instead, say how each member brings in a different perspective and personality to a team and how you would first get to know each member before identifying the motivational factors that work for them. Give examples of instances where this has been tested and where you succeeded.

What is the Best Achievement of Your Career so Far?

Now here’s the chance to literally blow your own trumpet if there ever was one. Make sure that you put away all those inhibitions and speak of what you genuinely feel mattered. Be careful though, there is a fine line between competency and sounding arrogant.


Give us an Instance of When You Led by Example

Here look at what you did. Next say what the positive outcomes were for yourself as well as for the others in your team or organisation. For example, if you achieved the target for the week, maybe it motivated buy ativan 2.5 mg your team members to try and perform better too. Mention these quantifiable positive outcomes and if you have numbers that would be even better.

What Would You Expect From a Good Manager?

Now they are asking you what you want to be as a manager but what you would expect from a good one. Here you first have to speak of the management qualities that you think are good and then say which ones you would expect from a manager. Keep in mind though that while the questions doesn’t directly say so, this also is a reflection of the kind of manager that you will become.

What Was it Like Working for Your Former Manager?

Let’s speak of everything that was negative right? Wrong. Say upbeat things and make sure that you speak of it as a learning experience. Somebody who is full of complaints is not somebody who is attractive to be in the position of a manager. This is probably one of the only instances where you change negative experiences to a positive sounding one. This doesn’t mean that you are misleading the interviewers, actually look within and see what was good in your manager. Then speak of it.


How Have You Ensured Worker Safety?

Once again speak of actual instances in a logical manner. Give the problem, your strategy, how it was implemented and the results. Once again if you have numbers this would be great too.

How Will You Respond to a Manager if their Decision Was Completely Wrong?

Again watch out because this one is a trick question. What they are asking you is about your communication. How well can you communicate? How patient and respectful are you to your colleagues and management? Keep this in mind and speak of ways in which you have worked together and communicated effectively to manage questions.

What do You Know About Our Company?

Remember, before you go in for an interview, you should do some homework on the company that you are going for the interview with. So before you go in, read about the company, read what kind of services and products they offer, their values, vision and mission and the culture. Have a look at their initiatives and also remember to speak about why you think this company is a fit for you. Tell them what you admire about the organisation.


So here’s hoping that you really ace the next interview that you land and that you succeed in getting the management job that you always wanted. Did our blog help you prepare for your interview? If you want to know more about management and how you can gain the skills required you can contact us at




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