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Have you considered Psychology?


Did you know that we offer many courses in Psychology? 

Psychology is the study of the mind, the way it functions and how it effects human behaviour. It is a fascinating subject, which offers many options in terms of career. We’ve listed a few of the options open to you upon successful completion of one of our excellent Psychology courses.


Becoming a Counsellor is an outstanding career choice, and is a profession in which you can really make a difference by helping people. In addition, it offers the option of working freelance from home, or in your own office. Generally speaking, counselling is a type of talking therapy, the aim of which is to help people work through any issues they are having. A Counsellor is someone who listens sympathetically, and provides a confidential and secure environment for people to talk freely about their problems. There are many different kinds of counselling, and it can be used to help people going through numerous issues. For example, it can be employed to help the bereaved, buy ultram online pharmacies those suffering post traumatic stress disorder, those going through depression or anxiety, and many other issues. Our Mastering Psychology course could help you to become a Counsellor, and is a comprehensive education in Psychology.

Educational Psychology:

For those who would like a more focused or specialised approach, our Educational Psychology course is a great option. An Educational Psychologist is someone who works in partnership with teachers, social workers, doctors and parents if a student is having issues at school. That being said, anyone who chooses this specialism will be working with children between the ages of 10 and 19. Our course in Educational Psychology focuses on various behavioural issues and disorders, so you can recognise these problems and help a child to manage or overcome them. Again, you do have the option of working freelance, or being self employed, and you could also work in an office as part of a team.

Both of these career choices are rewarding and satisfying, so if you want to make a positive difference, you should consider Psychology! 



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