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How Modern Day Companies Are Evolving the Business Analyst Role


The business analyst role today is one that is pivotal in any organisation. But has it always been this way or has it changed over the past several years? If it has changed, why is it so? On this week’s blog we take an analytical look at the changing role of the business analyst and why this evolution has come about.


But First, What does the Business Analyst Do?

The role of the modern day business analyst has never been more diversified. It changes from organisation to organisation and from one project to another. Very frankly put, it is not possible to come up with just one key set of roles and responsibilities for the modern day business analyst but in general, the role is one that involves helping businesses and the people in business grow by taking steps to solve business problems, redefining work flows and of course testing and implementing strategic solutions.

Has the Role of the BA Changed?

Arguably, the business analyst role has changed over the past decade or so. It is one of the most in-demand jobs in the data science and analysis industry and about ten years ago, a BA might expect their career to progress into project management if they wanted to move up the career ladder. Today, however, there are plenty of Bas who are managing teams if other Bas and handling complex projects, working on business architecture and target operating models at an enterprise level. Many large organisations have a business analysis practice or capability managers. It can be argued that the role of the BA has progressed from something focused on detailed requirements and comparatively junior, to something that is senior and can impact the capacity of the business to execute their strategies.

Why this Evolution?

Well, there are quite a few reasons for this and let’s take a look at some of the most prominent out of them.

Complexity has Increased

Business analysts are great at handling complexity. Their skills include deep analytical and modeling skills. The simple projects of yesteryear have given way to the complex and more intricate demands of today’s workplace. In the 1990s you may have worked on a project with SAP as the supporting software structure that affects one site alone. Today, buy lorazepam online such projects would be rolled out globally with involvement from over 200 countries. Can you just imagine that?


Technological Developments

Every day, it seems, we wake up to more technological advances. Especially areas like data, cloud and mobile apps and virtual working has really boomed. Organisations are churning out more data than ever before and also drowning in it! Therefore people who can interpret this data correctly and regularly are an asset now. Enter the modern day business analyst role. You will be given pile upon pile of complex data which you need to make simple sense of.


The Popularity of Virtual Working

Companies are looking to save as much as they can and outsourcing and offshoring is high in the list of all things trending in the business world. This has led to the development of virtual teams which has also proved challenging. Imagine having to work closely on a daily basis with somebody located half the world away from you? What companies need to tackle all of these language, cultural and time-zone barriers are sharp, analytical minds. So as a modern day business analyst you aren’t just dealing with systems and numbers, you are dealing with people and enhancing collaboration too.


What does All this Mean?

It means that there is a change in perception among businesses that are critical in defining the parameters of the business analyst role. Back in the day they were thought of as being needed for project work and requirements. Today, a BA is an asset that can be called up whenever a business needs an analytical eye to their conflicts and a method of facilitating discussions and activities to provide constructive and well-structured information that empowers an organisation to make the best decision.

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