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Best ways to develop your career

Employees are responsible for their own success. Personal commitment is something which is extremely important to employers, if they can see that the people within their business are passionate and dedicated, then they know that this is being channelled into the organisation.

Keep your personal passions and dreams alive

It is essential for every worker to remember their private goals, dreams, and wishes, in addition to the objectives of their job. If you don’t have things to strive for or work towards, whether it’s in your work or home life, you simply won’t try. Our goals motivate us, and are something to aim for, so keep yours alive.

Recognise your skills and talents 

Usually the management team will periodically assess the skills and talents of the individuals they employ to map them alongside the company objectives. However, by applying the same theory, according to Porter and Kramer (2011), employees must be capable of recognising their personal skills and talents correctly to map them with personal objectives, wishes and dreams in their own lives. It will make employees happy at their work and map their jobs in to their personal objectives. Skills and talents can be considered highly important to an employee as repetition of skills and talents may create greater opportunity to their future.

Recognise your weaknesses

No one is perfect, and weaknesses can also be considered as highly important to an employee. If you know your weaknesses, you can work on them, and you won’t make the same mistake in the future. After any project or task, think about what was good and what could be better. That way, you are constantly improving.

Reading will allow a person to be up to date with current trends. Knowing more will allow a person to adjust their current activities according to the latest trends. Thus, they will be able to find new ways of innovating in their present career. Reading can be done through books, magazines, newspapers traditionally as well as web sites and online materials electronically (Drucker, 2008).

These are some key methods to make sure you keep developing!

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