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How to Become a Hotel Receptionist?


What’s that key factor that gives you an inclination of the kind of service and quality that you can expect from a hotel? If you really think about it, that would actually be that person who smiles with you warmly, greets you and makes sure that you feel immediately at home at the hotel; in other words it’s the hotel receptionist.

This means that the hotel receptionist is in fact the face of that establishment and the first point of contact for the potential guest. You get once chance to create a lasting, positive impression that will convert that customer visit into an actual business transaction. If you are a people person who enjoys getting to know people, being sociable and efficient and providing services to ensure the comfort of customers, becoming a hotel receptionist could be the perfect career choice for you. After all if you play to your strengths, you will always win right?

So, how can you become a hotel receptionist who stands out from the competition?

Here’s our guide to getting you started right.

1.  Focus on Getting the Right Education

While you may not need extremely high academic qualifications, having the right, recognised qualifications under your belt can certainly push your career a couple of steps ahead of the competition. For this purpose, once you complete your secondary education, you should think about enhancing skills that will help you stay on your feet in the work place. A good example of this would be an Opera PMS Software Training. The majority of hotels around the world today use this software to manage their daily hotel business transactions and an employer will immediately see the potential in you, if you walk into your interview with such a qualification in hand.

However, choosing the right program is crucial;

Look for courses that have the right accreditation and also incorporate factors such as Opera PMS Video Tutorials that makes the learning process a lot simpler and much more fun. Trust us, you will remember better this way and will also have a clear idea of how you apply your theoretical knowledge into the real life work place.

2.  Brush Up On Your Skill Set

Next up, look at the skills that every employer looks at when they want to recruit a good hotel receptionist. The more of these skills you can showcase, the better your chances are at getting your dream job. The majority of these essential skills will include great communication skills in English (added languages will definitely be a plus), an approachable and amicable personality, helpful nature, ability to handle challenging situations and think on your feet. Now, on top of all this, if you happen to have cashiering skills and the ability to make reservations with a system such as Opera PMS, you are definitely on your way to getting shortlisted.

How Can You Do This?

Opt for something that gives you the opportunity to become proficient in such skills like a good Opera PMS Online Training program. It is important to stand apart from the crowd if you want to get into a competitive field like the hotel and hospitality industry. The shorter your learning curve will be from the perspective of the employer, the better chance you stand to get hired.

3.  Create a Good Resume

You could have all the skills in the world and still not get through that initial screening, if your resume just isn’t up to the mark. Besides, with all the resources available today, there is simply no excuse to not having the right resume. Before you start applying for any job do some research and have a look at the right templates for your CV and how you can write a good cover letter for the position. Avoid using the same cover letter for every job that you apply even if the requirements are the same. Tailor-make your cover letter to suit the job and to expressly showcase the skills that the company could possibly be looking for.

4.  Let The Job Hunt Begin

Now that you are all set, start looking for the right opportunities to apply for. If this is your first job, try to aim slightly lower on the hotel hierarchy because the majority of leading hotels may be asking for some level of experience. However, if you are open to the possibility of an internship that lets you gain first-hand experience into the job, you should consider taking up such opportunities that will eventually help you get your foot in the door for the big opportunities out there.

5.  Keep Learning

One of the most important factors that you really cannot afford to overlook is the importance of investing in continuous education. Even a highly experienced hotel receptionist must stay updated and knowledgeable on all the latest trends in the industry. Look out for courses that can help you grow and especially train yourself in areas that you feel are challenging.

Be willing to go the extra mile for your customers and be prepared to work hard to achieve the right professional industry standards. Hard and smart work will always help you achieve your career goals.

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