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Please find the information for your Micro Teaching session online

Guidance for Micro teaching:

* If you are planning to attend for the venue to deliver your micro teaching session, you can arrange the date by contacting our Help Desk (02030867970/ [email protected]). Currently we do classroom micro teaching in London & Birmingham once a Month.

* If you are planning to do Micro teaching via Skype (Video conference), you must aware about following Instruction;

  1. You can book your Micro teaching session through your online learning ​platform. ​
  2. You should use Desktop Computer or Laptop for your Online Skype (video) conference. You are not allow​ed​ to use Tablet, Mobile phone or other devises.​
  3. You should aware about the duration of your Micro teaching session, please plan your micro teaching presentation maximum 20mins only (15-20mins). Do not go beyond 20 mins.
  4. You have to stay whole duration of Micro teaching session and it is approximately 3 hours and it goes as a conference and each learner will be evaluated by assessor and the peers in the conference.
  5. You should email your finalized lesson plan and materials (if there is any Power-point presentation or any others) before ​or just after ​your M​i​cro teaching session to; [email protected] 
  6. You should send the copy of your Photo ID (Passport or Driving license) at least one day before your M​i​cro teaching session to [email protected]

​** If you want to cancel your Micro teaching session, you can cancel it 3 days prior to your session. If not it is charged at £30 for the Cancellation fee.

**​If you couldn’t pass your Micro teaching session, The Retake fee is £​30​.

​How to do Micro Teaching?

  • Step 1: Please prepare yourself 30 mins before the micro teaching session.
  • Step 2: Send us a Skype contact request to add you in.
  • Step 3: Wait for a call from the Assessor at your set appointment time.
  • Step 4: Answer the call in a video mode.
  • Step 5: Click the Plus button to share your screen.
  • Step 6: Set your window to your power point presentation.
  • Step 7: Position your Skype camera . So that the Assessor can view you and
    your student group.
  • Step 8: Do the presentation.


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