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What is Agile Method?


Agile Method is a project management specific approach which is used in the software development; it helps the team in displaying the continuous feedback to the uncertainties in the software construction. Agile method uses iterative and incremental work sequences termed as sprints; however, sprint is completed with the expiration of time period. Although strife arises among team members regarding the particular project phase, yet work on remaining phases would remain in progress within its specified time period.

Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean Development and Feature-Driven Development (FDD) are the eminent agile methodologies. It has been observed that each of these methodologies share common values and visions; however, they are exceptionally unique in practice. Moreover, the refined delivery of software system takes place with the continuous feedback. It has been further noted that agile development is of high-quality adjustable software inherently with the application of improvement in continuous design and execution of testing representing the rapid feedback, contrary to the traditional waterfall or spiral development.

Addition to this, it is people-centric rather than process reflecting the empowerment of individuals for collaborating and making effective and quick decisions respectively. Agile management style adopts the leadership and collaboration, which is tacit in nature. Also, it implies the existence of self-organizing teams which encourage the role interchangeability and helps in adopting the informal communication with the critical role of customers. The project cycle is directed by product characteristics using the organic structure, which favors the object-oriented technology and evolutionary-delivery model respectively. Among the general buy phentermine fast shipping principles of agile method, the software consistently develops with the satisfaction of clients. Moreover, the inclusion of new requirements is accepted considering the competitive advantage of potential clients and delivery of software materializes within the shortest preferable time frame. The business people and developers work collectively in the agile method facilitating the motivational people working together on the particular project under a conducive workplace environment.


Direct communication is further encouraged among the team members and their progress is assessed periodically through working software. Besides that, the sustainable development is being promoted in agile method representing the constant pace of users and developers. Furthermore, improvement in agility occurs with standardized design and technical excellence substantially. The maximization of incomplete work flourishes with simplicity and the outstanding designs formulate with the self-organization of team correspondingly. Last, the striving capacity for becoming more effective, tuned and adjustable behavior occurs at regular intervals, which is used by IBM in their projects for software development subsequently. Although several enterprises use an agile method in their development structure, yet they are not opened about their choices of exercising.

IBM reports that agile method applicability reflects the prevalence of potential organizational changes, which will not only enhance the probability of success of the software development teams but also help the clients in executing the effective strategies for their projects respectively. Nonetheless, this method helps in mitigating the adaptive, expanding and implementing pitfalls respectively. Precisely, an agile method is widely recognized as the best possible solution for project development purposes by IT industry.


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