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The ABC of online learning!


A – Always believe in yourself!

B – Break it down. Make sure you divide your learning up into manageable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

C – Create flashcards. If you’re looking for a good way to revise try creating flashcards, read them before bed or whenever you have a spare few minutes.

D – Don’t stress yourself out, it will only hinder your learning.

E – Eat brain food! Make sure you maintain a healthy diet.

F – Fit your learning in with your lifestyle.

G – Give yourself targets, then you’ll have something to aim for.

H – Have fun with your learning!

I – Introduce topics slowly. Our courses are divided into modules, so you can build knowledge slowly.

J – Just do 5 minutes of reading a day, you’ll be surprised how much you can pick up.

K – Keep going!

L – Launch a new career with online learning.

M – Make posters and hang them around buy phentermine online pharmacy your house, if you see things often you’ll remember them.

N – Never give up!

O – Offer your knowledge to others. You retain much more of what you teach someone else.

P – Practice, practice, practice.

Q – Question everything! Our tutors are always on hand to answer your queries.

R – Remember to reward yourself.

S – Stay motivated!

T – Take a break. It’s important to take frequent breaks during study.

U – Use your time wisely.

V – Visualise it. If you’re trying to remember something, a good way to do this is to visualise it, and turn it into a story or song.

W – Write a good CV! You can do this with one of our courses on how to write a CV.

X – X marks the spot….unlock your potential as you learn more.

Y – You can do it!

Z – zzzzzzzzzzz make sure you get enough sleep, as it is vital for brain function.


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